Friday, 24 February 2017

Ok, two apologies. First one is for fucking up pince nez in every book so far. I've had a total blind spot to it until this last book when I suddenly noticed what I've been. Can't be fucked to go back and correct it but I promise to get it right in future. My guess is it's grated a few nerves because Agatha pops up a lot but y'know. Shit happens. This all about the bondage, no ones claiming it's literature.

Quick, look at the groovy picture, pay no attention to the spelling and grammar
(It just had to correct my spelling of grammar. I'm a hopeless case)

I bow my head in shame

The other apology is the time its taken for thirty to come out. 


The Boss has had a hospital stay which was rather awful but he's on the mend now. A sub rattling round at home without her owner is a sad little creature but the upside is he's off work for a while and I've got shit loads of leave to take so we're all loved up with lots of time to play.

I have to confess that while he had a private room we proved to be very bad people and put the bathroom to good use. Me hanging onto a shower rail and him a drip stand. We're very bad people, thoroughly disrespectful but damn it felt good after being apart for so long.

Medicals not as cool when one of you is REALLY sick

I'll try and avoid the cliche of saying of neatly losing some one makes you appreciate them and life all the more but it's proving to be so true for us. I we're both home we play, I'm never without some type of restriction or control measure and we've opened up about the home alone activities. The things we've previously had as slightly open secrets.

While he was away I had the opportunity to try some over night experiments with infantilism. It was very comforting and hope to try some of the things as part of humiliation games with The Boss.

I celebrated his return home by having a spending spree, I have bought soooooo many Gord books for my collection. I found a seller on eBay with a nice rich seam of them and got a bit competitive bidding but just owning them gives me a happy shiver.

I've also bought a set of claws which are nasty little creatures and the most divine set of finger clamps . While you're wearing them you're forced to do nothing and just sit or lay in specific ways. They so heavy and cumbersome you're pretty debilitated. Any fast movements causing pain or discomfort. Every now and then you find a piece of equipment that brings about a sense of inner calm. I've corn to understand that being controlled makes me feel safe and I look for that as part of playing now more and more. Fortunatly being able to talk to The Boss about this he's taking the time to include more control.

I've decided to make this a year of ceasing every opportunity to have fun, again a cliche that I've probably used many times before but be happy people, it's a much better way to live.

Ok time to compensate for a really crappy blog post with some of the inspiration for book thirty and for what's to come in thirty one. Without The Boss in my life my creativity died but now we're back on track in so many ways!!

Be happy, life's short

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