Saturday, 17 September 2016

I have discovered a speed faster than that of either light or sound, and it's the speed with which The Boss said "yes, yes, make it so" when I suggested we buy ourselves a nice new set of good quality latex sheet and pillow cases! His enthusiasm is entirely justified however as they are absolutely wonderful!! A whole bed covered with it is truly something special, oh how he grinned and made happy little noises,  smirking away to himself. It says a lot about us that our anniversary gifts to ourselves, were the aforementioned wonder sheets and a membership of the national trust.

Enjoying the scenery dear?


We've spent best part of a week indulging in anniversary celebrations, some consisting of the normal things like romantic walks, champagne, flowers meals etc the rest very much rubber and spanking orientated.

All of it however wonderful, reaffirming just how good things can get when you're with the right person. I granted myself a couple of sick days from work

"sorry, won't be in the rest of this week, I'm feeling a bit bunged up"

to extend the fun and it was worth it, not just to have time off with my man but when you worry about not being able to keep things under control at work it's time to step back a bit. I have a list of people I want to throttle so it's deep breath and step away time.

It's always a buzz to see how many people but the next chapter as soon as it comes out, a new book always gives sales a bump but it's also immensely flattering to know that people enjoy my crazy musings. I also had a lovely new review, the young lady was impressed by the content but apparently I'm a little mean for her taste, fair due. Her kind words about the writing were very welcome and I can't argue about my style being mean, hell it's outright sadism, cruelty and brutality rolled up in a big aggressive bundle.


Book 28 is a little longer than normal, not by much but I strayed away from the usual scene per chapter ratio but I had ideas that I really wanted to explore and they fit so nicely in worth the backdrop and story line. I am of course on a complete guilt trip now for not having taken time to write over the weekend given book 28's great reception but that seems to be par form the course with my psyche. A little bit of my brain that will always be my mother, intractable guilt about really stupid things. That ingrained niggly feeling that sitting around writing, reading, getting your kink on or just generally being a chilled stoned us a waste of time. Logically anything that improves your mental health can't be a bad thing but control freakery is hard wired to spoil your fun.

Busy doing nothing......

It also means that having taken best part of a week off work I have a small creeping feeling of dread that I'll be walking back into chaos of all my good work having been undone, lots of presidents set that I'll have to dismantle but ce la vie. You have to let go or you'll go down worth the ship. Even though I've had a lovely time I've just managed  to sound miserable haven't I? I'm not, really, really I'm not.

You probably can't tell, but I really am smiling

Finishing this a week later

Okay, so I have to acknowledge the fact that I don't feel like I've had a break from work until I've gone back to work to discover everything's okay and I realise that it's not bugging me. Which shows the holidays worked. I know, I know I smoke too much weed which is why you get lots of talk about daily nonsense but never mind. Have a cool pic to make up for it.

There are no sweeter words to a sub than their owner saying "I've got an erection and I don't intend to waste it" especially when they say it as their locking your cuffs together, even better when it's this that wakes you up.

Wakey wakey fuck toy

Apparently however I'm in for punishment because I forgot to shave last night (I was tired!) and he demands perfection in that specific area. He bought himself a new hood during the week so he's a little over focused on rubber but that's not a bad thing. It of course means I'm obliged to wear his favorite rubber pants and leggings all weekend, but again, no bad thing. My lovely wyred slave cuffs are helping to keep things ticking over nicely as well. discrete enough to be worn all the time without hindering daily life they mean he can act on impulse, something which I wholly endorse! I think I mentioned just how nice it feels to have him falling asleep holding on to one of them. I am so his property!!

I really do have to redo the cover of book one. I've been happy enough with it but now that I've managed to come up with better for other covers, I want to brighten it up a bit. Might even help people give it a read if it doesn't look so gloomy.

Well, the plan is to use the free time I have between being used as The Bosses fucktoy this weekend to pile into writing book 29. I have some wonderful ideas for James train destination, a grand station with lots of potential for packing and possibly extending this to how subs would need to be transported safely as cargo on a plane.

I admit I'm avoiding having James arrive at Danes because it hasn't quite fallen into place in my mind yet but it's created some interesting ideas. Some vague concepts are forming around the fact that if people are being transported like animals and if I don't want to actually include real animals, how can I add some bestial degradation without crossing that line.

I think I need to exploit some dodgy science fiction to create something heinous. Something that would make Dr steinmetz proud, a grotesque creation!!

I want to try and knuckle down a bit and produce 29 a bit faster than 28. I was a bit lax and it kept drifting but I've only got three  shifts out in the real world this week, and another long weekend right after which is ideal for getting stuck in.

Already I'm playing with plastic bags, cable ties and crated piggies in my head.

The Boss has just informed me I'm spending the next couple of hours in the stocks. Apparently once he's shaved me to meet his exacting standards my punishment for neglecting my duty and not doing it myself will involve some heavy duty breath play. Breath play makes me a little panicky but in a good way, it makes me very, very eager to please and feeling exceptionally helpless..........bliss

Before I forget, for anyone over 40.............remember this?

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