Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tired, very, very tired. The kind of tired that means all I want to do is eat! Only just had a week off from the real world but feeling more knackered than ever. Annoyingly it's coincided with the arrival of the vac bed. That's not to say we haven't tried it

and oh my god it is so much fun!!

If you ever have the offer to try one I thoroughly recommend it. The immobility and pressure is positively other worldly!

Not a vac bed but cute set up 
We didn't make it part of a game, having learnt the hard way it's always best to have a relaxed set up session of working out logistics etc before you do. The awkwardness of squirming into it in a small space, because our bed is so huge and solid was a challenge but I wore the bruises on my knees from the bed frame with pride for a week!!  

The word squirm is on of my favorites

I'm hoping to set aside next weekend for a proper full on game. I want to play with some chastity and denial ideas. The thought of more piercings is also tempting.


We didn't play during the week we had off together, it was all about just taking some time to breathe. We've been forced to remember that pets don't last for ever and a change of employer for The Boss coming hot on the heels of his health scare, left us both needing to just spend some days in the sunshine, sleeping late and eating far too many take always. Normal service is steadily being resumed however. 

Nothing like the sun on your skin make you feel a little brighter!

I've also had the blissful experience of picking up another couple of the Gord books for my collection, I'm not missing many of them but it's become increasingly difficult to find them without pawning a kidney to be able to afford them. I got exactly the same thrill opening these new purchases as I did all those years ago when I was 16 or 17, Carefully tearing the brown paper wrapper for my little bit of uber kink. They felt like such wonderfully subversive things to own. At the time my love of sexual torture convinced me I was probably deep down a serial killer but the arrival of the Internet many years later provided a window into the world and some reassuring context. A kink free first marriage with a man who didn't think personal hygiene was a priority, intervened but then along came The Boss. A man who just needed the right incentive to admit he was secretly raspberry ripple rather than vanilla. 

I am the property of The Boss

I took the opportunity to move my specialist book collection onto the dresser in the bedroom, rather than where it's lived in my wardrobe. No kids, no guests, our home is just for us so who cares. It also feels good that the boss is so chilled he doesn't blink twice about his wife having books about such exotics topics so openly in his living space. He has this wonderful way of just wanting us to be happy. Setting the books out I found my copy of "curiosity tames the cat" even now I can bring to mind just how much the phrases describing the heroine as being bound till she was "rigid" and "plank like" made my spine tingle, even now just thinking about them is giving me shivers!! 

A couple of gems from "The black post society"

As if to balance out my acquiring my sweet little paper back gems, I've lost my entire 2tbs of movies, the Seagate died and took all of my insex, Devonshire productions, Gord and coasoft with it. I'd transferred my picture collection to the cloud but hadn't got round to the films, so unless shaking the thing violently does anything it's too late. 

The penalty for being lazy, spending too much of my time just laying around!

I always used to worry about a loss like this but some how it doesn't matter they way I thought it would. I always had a nagging feeling that I needed to make a point of sitting through every minute of every film to appreciate what I had, but in reality, who the hell has time for that? 

Lets get you comfortable and secured, you're going nowhere till you've watched the lot!

It feels rather nice to have a burden gone and if I'm honest I kept going back to watch the same few films again and again. This is forcing me to move forward in a way, encouraging me to feed my curiosity a bit rather than get into a rut. 

This set is an old friend but


Delicate and helpless

or this

Slick and creative

and this

Wonderfully choking and suffocating!!

Both of the story reels in my head have slowed to a crawl so I haven't managed to get much writing done. The latest proper novel has absolutely stalled with just a couple of ideas floating but nothing to move it forward. The Brethren story however, has been sitting on the blocks ready to go, happily I'm able to say that last nights session of getting ever so slightly shit faced to celebrate an unexpected bonus has reset the imagination, so now it's just a case of actually getting on with some writing. 

My creative space is a little different to most writers!

Being drunk or stoned lets me let go of reality just long enough to restart my creativity. I could also use a day or two alone in the house to do some solo playing. 

A little cuddle up time, with something I've ordered to compliment a diaper

The bonus is in recognition of some work I've done to improve my colleagues lot, and for it to be so successful I've been rewarded, is rather awesome. Makes up for a spiteful marking down dished out by my area manger in my appraisal. OK it was only one mark out of 20 but it infuriates me! 

This picture has no relevance what so fucking ever, I'm using it to distract me!
Just let it go and think horny thoughts!!!

I'm contemplating using the bonus for new steel cuffs, my leather ones are a little clumsy for wearing  for long periods, plus I want to try some public play and they'd be more discreet. I'm also tempted by some more day wear like another belt from wyred slave. I'm a little wary because my last one broke rather publicly by springing open but still tempted. I may even have another Axsmar spree!

I'm very pleased with book 28's beginning, James gets to relieve himself by abusing a young criminals face rather callously but I'm fishing for ideas about the next part, I like the idea of some kind of permanent bondage, being sealed in a tomb, mummification, that kind of thing but the exact details haven't fallen in to place. I feel like I want it to involve some girl on girl oral. Tumblr helps a lot, in fact I think that and X hamster have replaced the hoarded films on the sea gate so well, they're the reason I'm not devastated about losing the collection. They constantly update giving me a never ending stream of new fascinations and curiosities. I'm a little in love with the idea of metal at the moment, reoccurring thoughts of it's permanence and unyielding natural against soft skin and flesh. 

A bit of sweat and lots of tears. 

I had a book as a child about medieval torture, I obsessed over a scavengers daughter till my teacher got rather freaked!

Well at least not having having the energy to play has given me a chance to do some fixing. I have rubber pants with splits seams to glue, a nice latex dress to take in and I'm finally getting around to improving the myriad of nipple clamps I've accumulated.

The cheap little ones form China work very well and for a just a few pounds you can pick up a bag full. But they all have the problem of the rubber grips coming off, it's a nuisance and painful if you're not careful. I took ten minutes out of a day just to apply a little sugru and now their all good to go and no longer a hazard!

Not that the right kind of pain doesn't have a place

I've Only been up a few hours and want a nap already, is it because I'm middle aged? or because bed can be such a nice place to kill time?

Well, middle age means I can't do this kind of thing anymore ......

but of course I'm always happy to lay back while this happens

or this

and how could I resist a bed all made up nice and welcoming like this

Roll on next weekend when it will be all about the the mean time I'll just sit here patiently chilling xxx