Sunday, 8 May 2016

Book 27 now out!!

I surprised myself, added a chapter and still managed to get it out when I planned

Monday, 2 May 2016

Act one, a weekend.

A blog post written in many parts: Part the first, a Thursday, where our author finally buys a vac bed!

After much procrastination and agonizing over whether I should invest so much money in a toy, I've final ordered myself a Vac bed. At last, anyone reading this doesn't have to put up with my obsessing over whether or not to take the plunge. After talking it over with The Boss, (which I should've done sooner) I worked out I was hanging back because it's a financial risk, that relies on emotional confidence. Spending best part of £200 on something that you may not like and just because you're dying to try it means you could end up looking foolish. So much money just for the hell of it. It's not something you can't sneak in to the house, play with, then sneak out if you change your mind. It needs two to play and creates the ultimate kind of helplessness.

But after driving everyone crazy going on about it I should've known the Boss would be happy to try anything just to please me, one of his best qualities is the fact he's very loyal and affectionate. I can trust him not to laugh if it all goes tits up. The fact that I'm having one custom made with a strategic zip is also giving him an incentive to experiment with me.

Part the second, a Friday. The author indulges in self abuse and pleasure.
I had the joy of opening a new pack of diapers yesterday. A lovely little business on eBay called Little_Annabelle (I thoroughly recommend them!) I'm sure they add scented talc to their lovely pink tissue paper packages, which makes opening them a real joy. Today I enjoyed a morning curled up in bed all padded and so, so happy (now contemplating an adult paci).

In fact this is a very happy house at the moment. We're very into each other and playing in a very casual way. The early morning bliss brought on by new diapers was made even more intense by a deep belly gurgling enema.

Then meticulous shaving to meet the Bosses demands for complete depilation and an afternoon in the stocks with The Boss riding me. I'm a happy happy bunny.  I am aware I'm sliding into smug but I don't care. I have a weekend of editing and more games ahead so how can I not be happy. We've promised ourselves we're going to be ruthless and edit the gear yet again. I'm aware I have items such as neck corsets, gags and butt plugs the boss has never even seen so it's almost a weekend of show and tell which should be good.

Overkill? What makes you say that?

Sometimes The boss looks at things differently and items I've played with and not taken too work better in his hands. Focusing on editing is tough because book 28 is niggling to be written but I know if I start it before publishing I won't be able to go back and put my mind to it. I'm pleased with 27, it went in a direction I didn't expect but it's got lots of weird and plenty of suffering and some nice touches. A little heavy on the piss maybe but blame it on the new diapers!

Part the third, a Saturday sexual assault starts in earnest
Chores out of the way it was time to get baked. Bra harness and wearing each of the butt plugs in turn for The Boss to take a look, each change of plug meritted a spanking. Each spaking increasing in blows. Princess, traditional cone, pink cock, fat steel, heavy milled steel and once I was stretched and paraded wearing the big puppy tail for what felt like ages, he fucked me in the ass. More
Shots, more weed and epic munchies saw us into the early hours.

Scream loud enough honey and I'll let you have a cookie!

Part the fourth, a Sunday, a day spent reducing the author to a horny begging cum slut
I wore the harness again, this time all day, secured tighter this time with the addition of clamps alternated with the vacuum tubes. He laced me into the neck corset and only allowed to me be released in return for cock sucking. This ultimatum was then repeated with the shield gag, heavy rubber hood, lots and lots of duct tape and a great deal of time spent in the stocks.

I can't really hear you very well, another hour you say? Oh all right then

Black latex leggings were worn beneath a rubber hobble skirt. I had to ask permission to pee and the spankings continued.

He finally made me cum when I was head to foot in rubber, gagged and bound tight. Once he'd forced me to cum for the first time since starting the game,

Good girl, nice and wet, ready for your Boss

he them fucked me hard forcing me to cum again while he was buried inside me.

I'm bruised and sore. Stinging little trophies making me happy and wanting to do it all again

Bruises and toys are the trophies I can hide under my work clothes

Act two, the weekend after

All parts, nothing but take away deliveries and vodka shots, listing the stuff that didn't make the cut on ebay and failing miserably not to buy replacements which are a variation on a theme. The Boss has chosen a night new latex hood for me and I couldn't say no to a sweet little ball plug.

Hopefully some will arrive in time for next weekend, I have Thursday and Friday off once again so my guess is it'll be another weekend of playing. Repetition has it's rewards.

Ps, to all of you over 40, do you ever look at pictures of scenes and positions and think, "well that just looks like a lot of back ache!"