Sunday, 27 March 2016

I'll sum my week up by saying that it included a baseball bat, a barricade and the words "for fucks sake man up Peter!" oh, and the occasionally muttered phrase "I know you're skiviving!!!"

Man up Pete!

The background noise this week has been chatter from eBay. I'm selling off a lot of old gear and stuff that doesn't get used to buy some new toys I fancy trying, but selling bondage gear attracts some, shall we say eccentric individuals. I know selling on eBay means you have to respond to buyers, it's part of the deal and there are whack jobs everywhere. Even selling something as pedestrian an iPod a while back and ended up with my being tech support to a guy who apparently never heard of Argos or Google, I mean for fucks sake who doesn't know where to buy chargers from in this day and age but my eBay inbox has this week had to cope with questions from a guy who seems to want me to destroy his testicles and a young lady who is a little to prove she's a sub and arrange a pick up. No thanks, my world is a closed one and that's how I like it.

I get it honey, you're super keen to prove just how out there you are. When you've been wearing your collar ten years, come back and we'll talk. 

A lot of the gear has appeared on covers but something has to give, the house is starting to look like it should be on an episode of hoarders. Parting with some of the clothes that saw us through our party years was tough. Ironically  I've lost enough weight to get back into most of it but doing the hippy/rock chic thing over 40 is a little sad. Don't get me wrong, some people have that certain something that means they can pull it off, I work with several ladies over 50 with very unique and great style, but not me.

Much more my style when it comes to dressing but not great work wear!

You can have clean but don't expect any style or elegance. The Boss reluctantly parted with his defunct Adidas collection. If trainers can't be worn they need to go. It was like getting a kid to part with old toys, bottom lip out the works. Fortunately he agreed, all be it reluctantly, to part with the awful nylon Adidas tracky tops. He never really wore them which is great because he looked like he was out on tag when he did, but at least now they're being sold they're gone forever and there's no chance of rediscovery. (Update on this: buyer is moaning about the condition!!! You got 30 year old clothes in excellent condition for pennies, suck it up fuck bag I told you exactly what the condition was. Go ahead leave me bad feedback, like I care!!)

Get your tongue in there honey, nice and deep. Earn yourself some good feedback

A bit of a silver lining on The Bosses health, he won't have to have radical treatment after all!! I'm so relieved I could throw up. Okay, he still has health problems, nothing untypical for a man in his 50's and he'll need to look after himself but we can breathe easy again for a bit, which is very, very cool.

Time to relax a bit, to breathe slowly, deeply, through your nostrils and through the pain!

Or maybe just float,

It's time for a bit of seize the day thinking, without wanting to trot out a cliche (but still doing it anyway) this is the kind of thing that makes you appreciate what you have, things could've been much, much worse.

And where would I be without my Boss to keep me, care for me and lead me x

Various hospital appointments have meant anxiety has put writing on the back burner despite the initial surge of creativity following The Bosses diagnosis but now I'm ready to run again, the new ideas haven't disappeared they just been on hold but I'm raring to go. I was surprised when Agatha popped up out if the blue. I hadn't planned to have her appear but all of a sudden she appeared from nowhere offering cigars. I like writing Agatha, I've no idea how other people feel about her but she's like a naughty child who's handy for poking wasp nests with sticks! I think both Agatha and James are a little bit me. Maybe if I analyse it she appears when I'm in a certain frame of mind. Or of course I could remind myself it's hardcore bondage porn and stop being so self absorbed.

Concentrate honey, it's all about the orgasms

how about you swallow some of that pretension, maybe wash it down with a cup of piss!

I'm contemplating pulling a sticky next week. My turn to have some me time, if my colleague can have a week off after poking himself in the eye with a serviette (I am not fucking kidding!!) I can have some time to recover from carrying the workload of four people while worried sick about the one person I'm not sure I could live without! Not that he's at his most attractive at this precise moment, being sound asleep on the couch snoring loudly. Oblivious to the fact I'm watching some old favorites!

The noises this woman makes are delicious

and I never get tired of Mila being milked

I have my eye on a heavy rubber locking skirt to spend my eBay winnings on but I have got to get round to getting my sleeve finished, the idea of the endorphin high a few hours of being inked brings is very, very appealing but I'm stuck for ideas about what I want doing. I need a cover up, some repair work and some new stuff but I can't decide what. 

Maybe I should get something a little macabre?

Out there pervy?

Or something only The Boss and I get?


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