Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hoorah!! A few days unexpected leave means a week of self abuse and pottering (and a joyous few days free of T and K, the grounds coming up to meet you bitches hard and fast, trust me!).

I'm shipping you out girl's, whether you like it or not.

Part of the pottering however has to be a big clear out old iPods, collectable odds and sods and most of all gear!!! I have so much I don't use. Game time is half taken up with churning through the hoard looking for something, only to end up by picking old favorites to use anyway. It's nice to have a big flash collection but there comes a point where you have to draw the line. It always amuses me when you see pictures of huge collections of gear spread out on beds. The last one I saw had the same toys but in different colors, wtf? Is pink plastic really different to blue, does the colour affect the vibrations? Of course not.

A good toys a good toy, no need for color coordinating!!

I'm a self confessed gear whore so I'm not taking the piss, but I guess you only learn in time and until people find a rythum they have to experiment. My guess is that for every one piece of gear I love I've bought two that have either been disappointing or just don't fit into our games. Of course this means the stuff I'm going to be selling or chucking out, is all the uncomfortable stuff, hoods that don't quite fit, cuffs that are just a bit too tight, obsolete spreader bars etc.

Speak up honey, explain again just how uncomfortable you are?

The Boss however, has decided that he has to approve all disposal. You know where this is going don't you! That's right, everything has to be re tried before it goes. To be allowed to throw out my old vacuum tubes because I have nice new ones that aren't scratched, I had to let him use them one more time, it is so hard not to cum when your clits forcibly engorged. The silver cuffs that are just a bit too tight and mean you're forced to keep your wrists as still as possible, will apparently be unlocked in the morning so I can take pictures for eBay!

Don't worry hun, I'll crop the shot so the listing doesn't show your face! 

He is a fucker at times. I hope I don't make the boss's sound like a cunt? He really isn't, he's a very sweet, slightly odd hippy type. People either love him for being wonderfully odd but a decent guy, or just don't get him. I'm not sure the word Dom fits him, he's just cottoned on to the fact that if he uses my own desires against me he gets really awesome sex. The thought of using any money raised to get a vac bed still niggles at my imagination, in fact the idea is becoming my white whale but all the gear I have at some point has been an obsession, I have to try everything!!!

but of course, once you start dreaming about rubber enclosure it's hard to stop!

Book 26, is the book that wouldn't die!! Getting it finished has been jinxed I swear!! But at last it's out!! As per usual, I held my breath while amazon gave it the once over but it's out!! And it's such a relief because I love the creating and 27 is running ahead already.

I fancy playing with some elegance and it's time James had some fun.

And a wedding, there's going to be a wedding.

I'm still really determined to work on my feeder, and femdom stories but I need to take a different tactic. It's dawned on me it's not the subject matter that loses it's interest and makes it a slog, it's playing with the same characters. I like the way James travels and explores, it means I get play with lots of different characters from which I can create new scenarios.

Snapshots of suffering are much more dynamic.

Trying to describe the progress of the same people in each scene takes too much concentration. I'm going to try using the anthology style as I do with the original brethren series. I like the idea that my stories are like the old hammer horror anthologies!! Just like them they are guilty schlocky late night pleasures.

I very much doubt this would have been Peter Cushings idea of fun however!

The current proper novel is in hiatus which is frustrating. I'd love to sprain an ankle or similar right about now, a few weeks signed off work just to sit and write. The word portmanteau just came to mind, I think that's the right word for the way I put stories together. Taking a new approach will of course mean abandoning some beginnings of stories but not everything is always destined to be published. I'm very happy with the introductions and build up in the feeder story but just don't have the drive to push it on. Same goes with the femdom, I love what I've done but it's stalled so I need to walk away and start again. I need to keep my character books up to date too so I can at least attempt to maintain some kind of continiuty. In fact, if it wasn't such a monumentally painful thing to do breaking a bone, the thought of a cast or maybe a stint in traction really appeals !!

trust me honey it will do you back the world of good!!

I'm afraid the Bosses horribly short attention span would make it less erotic and more of a nuisance very quickly but there's no harm dreaming. When I was laid up with bad back years ago he wasn't a great care taker, things like food and drink came low down on his 'things to provide' the patient list. One of the things I need to be ruthless in clearing out is some of my latex gear, having lost quite a lot of weight I need refitting for corsets. The Boss and I both love tight lacing, he tends to prefer the shiny refined latex but I have a soft spot for the heavy grade silicone mixed. He likes tight, I like layers and covering which impede movement but again this means piles of rarely used clothing. The best part of the clear out however is throwing out pairs of jeans because their now too big!! Buying a size smaller felt good and the Boss has certainly shown his appreciation for the new leggings I bought, I knew he couldn't resist the tight black fabric, just like he knows I can't resist him with his hair down. What better way to spend a Sunday than alternating between hysterical laughter watching comedy box sets and outrageous flirting!

I know damn well he's going to make me wait as long as possible to scratch this itch and between now and then I have to give a practical demonstration about why the biggest of the metal butt plugs needs to go and how badly the gum shield gag makes me drool. A good Dom works smarter not harder and doesn't need to take on some B movie persona, they just need to work out how to use a subs desires against them. My world is small and happy, which is good for me but bad for anyone who wants a blog that will bring meaning, depth and intelligent discussion into their lives.

Oh BTW, sorry not sorry about the amount of mummification and amputation in book 26, if it's what's on my mind it goes in!

Happy valentine. Instead of roses I got cable ties, apparently good girls sit quietly while they're fed their champagne and chocolates x