Friday, 29 January 2016

An odd situation, more people are reading my work, I know this because my sales figures on Amazon tell me how many pages have been read using pay per page, but my royalties are unchanged! I sort of lose out under this new system but the cash has only ever been a happy side effect. I'd rather have the readers. I like that, takes the pressure off. Not that a cash bonus wouldn't be fun. I have a real need to get my sleeve finished, I want the endorphin rush the pain brings! It's such a nice high that really it does hit the spot for days.

Try not to move honey, your thighs going to look so pretty with some ink!

My eBay wish list is also looking a little full, wouldn't mind either of these tasty little morsels  that I found lurking in the collectables section!

Book 26 is now in the editing phase. The Boss has announced that he intends to take full advantage of what will be an inevitable peak in my libido as I spend the weekend immersed in bondage. The prospect is most pleasing however, as I've been obsessed with him lately. I regularly get crushes on him and the only way to fulfill the needs that my mind set arouses, is full on gaming. Total and utter sexual submission.

I'd like to pile into writing book 27, it's playing out in my head already. I should take another look at the feeder and femdom stuff I didn't finish but can't apply myself. I'm thinking about bound brides and suffering maids of honor. Brutality made acceptable by formality and elegance.

The ultimate in wedding dress shopping!

I've spent today clearing the decks of all the mundane stuff that needs to get done over a weekend, so my time is now my own. Not that I didn't have some fun while I was playing house frau. Rewarding each chore with a new toy means my nipples are raw. By the time The Boss arrived home I was sitting waiting wearing the latex pants and leggings he loves so much. It's game on and I am now his property

Kept, owned, property of The Boss

His pet!

I started the day writing to my whisper sub, which always gets me going. I described all the things I want The Boss to do over the weekend, it was torture describing such wonderful depravity without being allowed to touch myself. Once it's game on The Boss decides when I cum, if at all!

Morning baby girl, I love lay ins, are you enjoying it too?

It may be easier said than done however. When a spring is wound this tight somethings got to give. If I cum without permission he will not be pleased and having made my nipples so sore will be used against me. He's also looking for any excuse to use his new toys.  He doesn't think I've noticed the parcels hidden in his bureaux.

Who needs netflixs when you've got each other!

and after all, everyone's idea of chillin is different.

What a self indulgent, pointless post I hear you say, but I don't give a fuck! 
I'm spending my weekend being fucked, spanked, bound and abused, lucky me x

BTW, book 26 is a bit heavy on the mummification and amputations, sorry, not sorry x