Saturday, 31 October 2015

I've spent my day rather stoned getting stuck into writing a feeder story with some extreme bondage and body mod! The ideas are running away with me but I have to be patient and do all the early establishment and character building. I have to tell a story in it's entirety, it has to be told beginning to end in my head to get it written. In my head it's almost like I'm rewatching films I've already seen but I can't fast forward them. I know what's coming but I can't just skip bits, I just have to do the writing to keep the story moving. I'm not sure if I'll ever get the story finished let alone published but I want to use the flexibility that setting it in the Brethren world means. A lot of legal loop holes, ethical dilemmas and laws of science can be side stepped by taking a leap in time. I want to feed my victim into immobility and make her helpless but not have it be a criminal act, or have to keep her shut away in a sound proof basement.

Keep swallowing honey there's much, much more to come

Big round belly weighing her down, and such tightly bound limbs!!
Keep her full both ends
The mojo is working over time at the moment but The Boss is once again stricken with a bad case of lurgy, cough etc. in need of antibiotics. He's not himself, tired and washed out poor sod. Patience will pay off though, all this mojo doing over time means when he's back on form we're going to have an awful lot of fun. Unchanelled mojo tends to mean toy buying as my imagination fills in the gaps for game play. It also means I run a bit tense but that's just as well, I've got a meeting I have to play hard ball in on Friday, so at least I can pour some energy into something other than obsessing about my need to play!!

A bit of this would be very welcome right now

A colleague, if not two are going to hate me after it but, it's settling and old score and proving a point so it has to be done (told you, I'm not a nice person).

Open up Roy, time for talent to be recognised over your ass kissing!
There's an irony in that this arises from some one else putting their name to my work, a bit of a theme in my life that! Success but with anonymity attached.

Recognise me now Mr area manager?
 Not that everyone's in the dark about my other names, isn't that right ladies? I know you're still reading. Did you like how I portrayed you both in 25? I know you bought copies. The joy is, having locked down your privacy nothing you say has an effect on me but by keeping my blogs etc open what I write is like a scab you can't stop picking. You're captivated by your own need to know!!!

Brethren book 26 is starting to form alongside the feeder story, this image grabbed me so much ideas are forming around it. I call her "the crawler"

Finally got round to watching American Mary, the themes and cruelty appealed but I'm disappointed.
I can work around the effects which weren't shit hot but it was clumsy. Missed potential and so many fucking clunking shoes. It sounds like there's a horse stomping about half the time. Rather liked the character Lance, (I like long hair) but even he let me down. Looked great with his shades on but not so hot with them off. He was however not the worse actor, the detective was so wooden he was in danger of causing splinters. The plot holes made me feel like I'd missed something, things like "how did the first dr she butchered remain looking so healthy and clean with great hair after days of torture? I know, nit picking but I had high hopes. And you know what irritated more than anything, that bloody ring tone! Plinking and plonking it's way through! Yeah, that smacks of sophistication and danger a loud bongily ring tone. It would also have been better if the boyfriend had conveyed something other than looking constipated when he saw his wife's sewn cunt, some sense of continuity for when he appeared out of the blue to create that crap ending. There was so much potential to see some real freak show mods. The end sucked as well. Actually it just sucked full stop why beat about the bush, after all this isn't a film review blog.

Body mod can be wonderful if done with style and creativity don't you think?

Whether it be temporary

Or something a little more permanent ..................



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