Sunday, 27 September 2015

Oh my god, is this perfection or what!! So awesomely simple but utterly effective in restricting movement. They force the feet to be kept flexed and wouldn't allow any kind of pressure being on them. Love love love!!! Like it wasn't hard enough to concentrate on one idea without this, gem, this little bit of restrictive magic!!

I'm trying to edit book 25 but I'm not getting stuck into it enough, an idea for using tentacles popped into my head I can shake off and now there's another note on my pin board awaiting attention!!

I'm still toying with lots of femdom ideas without getting side tracked even further

I'm lucky not to get writers block very often, from what I gather from the nano gangs musings for some writing is akin to amputation in terms of pain

I'm doing all of this for my art!! I'm a writer!!!
But it also leads to chaotic thinking. When a sidetrack becomes the new obsession it tends to mean everything else goes to the wall in terms of progress.

Maybe I need some sub space to get my head together!

But the tentacle concepts are working so well, they're forming themselves into film reels in my head, which means once they start running I won't be able to stop them! A fascination for water is starting to develop!

I can hear the sound of dripping water, I've even worked out how the scenario for some tentacle porn would play out as part of the brethren realm, gone so far as to work out how selling time with Cephalopoda would work as a business model for fucks sake!!

Embracing the chaos is just bringing more ducking chaos!
Fuck tuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck
Come on woman make some decisions!!! Do I back burner James for a while?? Should 25 be the last in that series?
Why can't I get my head straight and my ass in gear.

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