Friday, 4 September 2015

How many times have you cum this week, or should I say month, this year? Was the last one a quickly release, something to scratch an itch. A frustration release? Or was it a obligation, one of those fucks you feel you should have either to keep one of you happy or just because you'd feel old if you didn't?

Or was it and orgasm which fulfilled a need so deep, so dark and outrageous you felt slightly ashamed after but good. Or was it the deep rolling orgasm caused by your partner making you cum doing that thing you dream about. Or were you the one that made some one cum like that?

If, during sex you've managed to achieve both or all parties achieving the later kind of orgasm you'll understand the loved up feeling that follows. Like new love, young love infatuation it's intense, exciting and awesome but unlike these it has the power of trust and a deep connection.

"If you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation.”

This is a quote frequently misattributed to Buddha, not that this makes it any less true applying just as much to good orgasms as good relationships. If like me you're lucky enough to have both you'll know what I'm saying.

This is what Buddha really says

“If both husband & wife want to see one another not only in the present life but also in the life to come, they should be in tune [with each other] in conviction, in tune in virtue, in tune in generosity, and in tune in discernment. Then they will see one another not only in the present life but also in the life to come.”

What does you partner think when they look at you or you them. Do you get that still? Do you still fancy each other. When's the last time they took your hand in the middle of the day and said "come on" and once you've fucked just lay together.

I'm feeling so inspired right now, not just freed up from something that consumed my time and became so negative but at a point where I can feel free a little from work. Turning people who have irritated you into victims of the Brethren is very therapeutic. You can exorcise a great deal of the negativity by doing nasty things to them!

At the moment flitting between stories is working quite nicely, Fb is a happy and without having to trawl through endless convos that I' not really interested in my mind is freer to wander. I believe making a couple of small changes and being given the opportunity to reflect has renewed my and put me into my zone, both for writing and in my mind. A couple of the people determined to upset me have in fact proved an inspiration and now have their place in Ms Lin's house.

Not a bad resemblance actually!

A break from work is proving productive, fun and loved up so we've decided to give the weekend over to a game, like I say "in the zone"! A long walk good food and meteors made for an old school dare night leaving us loved up, a day in the garden together just pushing us closer, how can we not!

I wonder how many times people cum reading my stories and what that translates into royalties, how much do I earn for each orgasm?

I'm experimenting with writing a blog post as I go along rather than making myself sit and try to do it in one go but I'm in danger of rambling. We've decided having at least done some yard work if not the huge amount of decoration we promised we'd do that we'd reward ourselves with a game this weekend. The Boss got up first and after a shopping trip came back to join me in bed. Now shaved and in The Bosses favourite black latex pants I'm smoking a fattie and very mellow.

How sweet, book 1 has been included in a Goodreads poll, it's always nice to know the stories are enjoyed.

I'm very pleased with some of the occupants of Ms Lin's world, she's taken a different direction and stepped back from the sex herself but she has some nice creatures in her collection.

Maybe I'll get her in in the action late but I'm not sure. Story 25 is galloping ahead more head space is feeling good! I haven't played with such extremes for a while and I'm loving it.

Flights of fantasy with lots of body mods, I'd much rather be a pervert than some has been wannabe kook filling their time with handicrafts and holidays washed down with Valium, or filling the hole a lack of  passion leaves with Facebook and dead peoples possessions.

Sometimes its okay to feel good in your own skin.

Try them on ladies, you know you want to!

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