Saturday, 25 July 2015

Okay, so 24 is out but to be honest that was a couple of weeks ago.

Time seems to have been going so slowly and felt so fucking full. My usual free days at work were taken up training (some of which annoyingly volunteered for, idiot) and extra paperwork, again a work load I rather imposed on myself but proceeded to get upset about it anyway. That's me all over and when you throw other people into the mix, winding me up like a tin toy to fight their battles for them, I'm soon going in unnecessary angry circles. I go hell for leather tilting at windmills then get upset because I'm doing it.

 Lay back and relax, a little isolation will do you good!

Domestic life has also been time consuming, my tablet died just as I was due to start editing, which was the point of getting the thing (Do not touch Toshiba tablets with a barge pole, this one was a replacement and needed fixing after just a few months. Same problem with both, faulty power switch!) Then the laptop died, just replaced that but it took a week longer arriving than anticipated and in between all this, the car needed sorting! So, no new toys for Fb, I've had to be entirely sensible with my royalties.

I've found the source of that screaming noise in the engine!

Of course I have also been guilty of huge amounts of procrastination. This has taken the form of getting over involved in Facebook. I tried to leave admin'ing a group without a fuss but should've known better, with women you're either with them whole heartedly or you're the enemy! My guess is I'm now public enemy number one in a lot of convo's but I had to step back. If something's not fun and you can move away it's best to do so. I tried to be clear that it was not personal but as I say you're either in or out there's nothing in between.

 Women rarely play nicely for long!
As I write this I feel slightly self conscious, I'm acutely aware that people are making the connection and working out who I am, in fact the very people who are now discussing me and taking the piss, are most likely passing the information and details on to others to deliberately humiliate me, but I don't care. I'm happy with me and my life. I have lots and lots of great sex and do ridiculous things just for the pleasure. I get to do all the things they wish they could again and again, and I do it with some one I adore who makes me so genuinely happy, the older I get the less I care or need other people's approval to fulfil me. I'm in love !

When's the last time you and your husband spent the day making each other cum?

Think about 'that' thing, the thing you think about when you want to get off, the go to option that you dream of doing in real life. The thing you wouldn't dare tell anyone turns you on. Well you know what girls, I get to do my 'thing'. So embarrass away!

 You know this is what you want but you know you'll never have it

I also have a LOT of screen shots they wouldn't want their husband  and friends seeing, so the nuclear option is available.
I have brain tangle, ordinarily I have two stories running simultaneously in my head, two film reels running, writing down what I see in these films moves the story on, as if I see short bursts. But at the moment I've got so many stories showing quick snatches I can't get any one to stay in focus. There are now too many films showing, so many short bursts I'm having to change my usual writing tactic. I usually make myself focus on a serious book between Brethren editions. The Brethren is the fun, naughty, happy back of the mind stuff. My 'novels' are more considered, no fucking (well not a lot) but now I have a voyeur becomes Dom story that I can't decide the gender of the victim to move it on. A fantasy sissy scenario and a longer book about a killer, all competing for attention.

I'm going to try doing bits and pieces ad hoc or, knowing me, paralyse myself with indecision and procrastination. There's also the worry that doing bits and bobs will lead to nothing getting enough attention to be followed through to the end!

 Maybe some isolation and immobility would help me clear my head?

I also managed to royally piss off some Nanowrimo dreamers (no insult, it's how I got started!). Apparently pragmatism and not being a loud member of their gang is frowned on. Unsurprisingly it was the traditional dynamic, more people agreed with me but a vocal minority didn't so it just became a screaming match which I bowed out of. I would have loved to pull the sales figures on one participant who writes old school flowery, European princes shagging books but just for once I used block instead of being a mug and fighting back. None of this of course is anything new, I charge around only occasionally learning from experience.

Mouth is open, should be shut, otherwise you never know what's going to get forced down your throat!

Whisper is also eating into my time, despite my plan to write stories instead of playing with strangers, pouring my creativity into something I can publish, rather than keeping a stable of subs, I've continued pouring time and good ideas into this silly app. I have three favourites, a sissy, a pain slut and a toy. I'm testing out a guy with a blanket fetish too but not sure how he'll work out. If I put as much effort into writing a femdom story as these guys, I'd be on my second book but there is just something so powerful about making people cum. It's almost like gaming, learning how to pace, how to push the right buttons so they jump at just the right time. Playing 1:1 on an app is different to knowing someone's reading one of my stories and doing the same thing. It's more immediate a snack compared to a meal.

For my whisper subs
You'd love this wouldn't you boys! 

Of course the boss continues to use my playing as motive to make demands. He's insists on comparable time and attention.

Time to make The Boss happy

Come with me honey

Is telling sex stories to get a result an art or a science? or neither? Who knows.

The Boss and I are mid game at the moment and I'm trying to avoid cumming, I'm using this blog post as a diversion, I won't add pics till tomorrow but this harness is leaving me unable to think of anything else. It's used so often it's starting to wear but it feels so good.

Ms Lin, who is starting to feature heavily in story 25 is annoying me, I knew what she looked like to begin with then she morphed, which has thrown the story off the track! I've noticed I tend towards manipulating white women in the stories. I think this is because I'm cautious about descriptions, I REALLY don't want to cause any offence and my sexual history has been very pale on the whole but Ms Lin is determined to be black. And if a character is insistent on something it inevitably means taking a path I hadn't planned on, she began life in my head as very glamorous Japanese lady. I've never put a book out I haven't enjoyed myself but unruly characters complicate things.

Now I'm sounding like the group I upset on Facebook "what do you like to smell while you're writing?" "plot bunnies lol!"

Just knowing how marked I'm going to be by Monday is making not cumming difficult.

Unusually for me I'm going to have to do a rewrite, nothing big but I tried to force myself to concentrate on book 25 and I'm not happy with it. I've been undecided about whether Ms Lin should have a fondness for freaks or dolls. I'm leaning towards freaks with a kind of horror coenobite vibe. Maybe bordering even more on the horror side of extreme fetish.

More piercing, industrial metallic suffering,  or fornophilia maybe ? I'm unsure
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