Friday, 24 April 2015


Got to love holidays, a full five days off work. The boss is joining me for the last three and he's made it clear how we're or at least I'm going to spend them. A set of instructions left for me to find when I woke this morning. A bliss full long lay in and leisurely breakfast, now to begin. Instructions are as follows

Fb is to be shaved clean for her boss by Saturday morning.

Simple, first tidy today, perfection tomorrow

Fb is to be prepared to be used in all holes at the bosses command.

Enema tomorrow morning and then slow everything down. A regamine of stretching over the next few days will ensure I'm ready for anything. I began with my softest plug for four hours this morning and now have my nice heavy steel plug in place. It's got a jewel in the end which is nice butt the big tear drop shaped tip and the ribbed neck are more important to me just at the moment!

Couldn't resist having a little me time this morning, once the plug as in I put a remote vibe in just the right spot and wrapped myself in a nice fresh diaper, this is a new thing, something I've always wanted try try and I'm loving it. Then, after get in my nipples nice and sore with those sweet little vacuum tubes and some clamps had a wet morning. A vibe keeping me wet like the feeling of sitting in my own moisture, the piss to finish it off very satisfying.

Very mellow now!

Knowing the boss there will be more instructions tomorrow. I've noticed he's moved the bench in the dining room so it's def game on.

The Boss likes me ass up

While I was cruising around this morning I found this.

Not just inspiration for rubbing one out but it brings some ideas for the next book nicely.

Sitting isn't easy with this plug in but orders are orders.

The joys of being a sub wife!

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