Sunday, 1 February 2015

Brain death!!! Christmas meant the complete and utter ceasing of activity. The Boss and I spent the entire time either glued to the TV (seemingly endlessly watching Shrek) , eat, drinking or getting wasted.

I didn't even switch my brain on to do any writing but you know what, I really don't care. I needed some time to decompress and pretty much achieved it. Sadly I didn't get that kind of nice Christamsssy feeling at any point but I think that was because I couldn't quite get some work stuff out of my head and my folks were a bit of a pain in the bum but ce la vie!.

Now I feel refreshed and I'm not going to get my head back into work in any meaningful way. I intend blagging it for a bit, in fact it won't hurt me at all to remember that it should be work to live not live to work.

All work and no play makes Fb a dull girl!

Along with my letting go of reality for a couple of weeks, we seemed to switch the mojo off as well but there's no harm in that. Alcohol has always effected the Boss's mojo so we just let the whole thing slide into the long grass.

Last weekend however saw the mojo restored to its full glory and we're very much back to being Fb and her Boss.

 Say thank you to your Boss, louder bitch, louder!

I got to wear my puppy tail and I'm pleased to say that it's a joy, you can't sit like a person and every time you move you're aware of it. The Boss slipped very easily into the role of pet owner!

We also played with the inflatable gag, it's lovely but more comfortable sitting or standing, ideal for when your being a pet on all fours.

I've also hit the most delicious little vein of good stuff on xhmaster which has meant some serious inspiration and late night fumbling. Have to confess I'm missing pirate bay for my jollies but I'm now in the wonderful position of having too many ideas for the next book.

The ideas include playing with urethral sounding which I haven't explored before and perhaps returning to some milking themes.

The purchase of a car has put the vac bed on the back burner but I have indulged myself with the balloon enema nozzle.

My days off follow a pattern of self abuse and hurting myself which will be enhanced no end by being able to play some retention games, just got to wait for it to come from Germany now. I do love that full feeling!

I adored bastians images, I would love to be able to draw like this!

My guardian angel has been busy on goodreads again. It literally makes me blush when they give me nice reviews. It's also really cool to know that there is some one out there that gets turned on buy the same things I do. It's that bizarre feeling you get a s a sub, just like every other human being you like getting praise but as soon as you start feeling good you need to validate it with pain or being used!!

In fact I'm pestering The Boss like a dog on heat just at the moment and I'm glad to say he's responding appropriately!!

Harder please Boss, please Boss harder!

It's been a while since I've felt this energised, I've got the story for next proper novel running through my head and book 23 of the brethren series is shouting to be written. My brain is just awash with pain and sex, Damn I'm happy.....somebody beat me, choke and fuck me to validate my joy!!!

Make it count by making it hurt!