Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Okay, so Facebook won't let me be Fb Peaches, or Peaches in any form. So I'm Peach Brethren, come say hi.

Happy new year and thank you all so much for your support


Sunday, 14 December 2014


I am such a fucking amateur!!!

Thinking of letting Fb lose on facebook?

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I spent a good part of yesterday making the effort to put together a blog post but it was shite, absolute boring unadulterated shite. Another moan about life getting in the way of writing, about not getting to grips with one drive and losing a couple of days work. 

About my coworkers being a fucking nightmare to organise in a crisis. Sorry AC girls and MSL but you deserve to lose your jobs! You've been getting away with the same old crap for far too long and if any fuckers getting to stay on the higher pay scale it's me, I've worked like a fucking dray horse for ten years while the rest of you have sat on your ass's flicking through eBay day after day, I've done looking after you all, clearing up your mess and covering your mistakes. I don't care if you like me any more! (Sorry had to get that off my chest) followed by a bit of drooling over some new toys I want, but I was bored writing it let alone consider it readable. 

And no matter how brief a moan about a crappy keyboard slowing up writing and the incompatibility of my nice apple keyboard and my new tablet it's still boring. It's true though, using a key board with a nice action does make for faster typing. My nails slide off the cheap shit keys, horrible thing. All this technology and I'm back on my iPod, tablets a faff, and I can use my iPod sitting cross legged and comfy in my armchair (still waiting for my new one Argos however, as this ones falling apart!!).

Any way, I've reset the switches with bourbon, weed a long weekend and Fb's nearly back on line!! The plan was to spend four days solid writing but we've spent the time just totally decompressing and doing absolutely fuck all, the Boss has picked up a new game and I've been either staring into space or watching new ripper street. 

Just sitting around staring into space, bet you can't get a chair like this from Argos!

Not big on the series as such just like the cast being manly! I've tried casting all of them all James time from time to but he's just so much of a ass no ones face seems to fit him. He's not the even an anti hero he's just a selfish horny fuck wit what can I say. My guess is 22 will come out closer to Christmas rather than the usual bi monthly output.

I admit it, I am a grotesque, horribly shallow and prone to only feeling alive when doing all the wrong things and being put in a position where I have to constantly worry about what others think of me makes me feel numb I don't like numb. I'm sure there are wonderful quotes about being true to oneself but I can't be bothered to find one so have picture instead

Anything, do anything to me rather than leaving me feeling numb, I can't cope with feeling numb!

Once I started to chill and feel more like me, I realised James needed to do the same thing, because, as I'm sure I've said before the stories aren't planned as such and just reflect the shit in my head at the time. It's all basically me writing down my masturbatory fantasy's rather than letting them drift away on the wave of shame and hormones that most do. If I'm tense things get overwrought and unclear for James too. 

Oddly enough even though my brain has been occupied with real world shit 22 is still coming along okay, a heavy but realistic scene has kept me going in fact it's become something I'm quite pleased with but I've got all kinds ideas creeping around in my head now, even the bones of another proper novel are starting to form a skeleton.

22 begins with some breast play I'm very pleased with and

I keep hearing the sound of duct tape, the rip and burr, thinking about smoothing it over a mummy. The faint rustle of the occupant trying to escape, or maybe even some more hard core mummification style suffering.

I keep thinking about bruises, I've been so wrapped with real life and all the shit that goes with it the boss hasn't had a chance to leave me me any tender reminders I can use to feel when the numb creeps up. Nothing like sneaking into the toilets at work to take a look at the lines on your legs and letting them sting as you sit at your desk, sigh!

Isn't it sad that the best bit about Christmas as an adult is the fact you get time off work (it's certainly not the festive porn, tying some one up in tinsel just makes for irritation, festive and horny are two things that don't go together in my book). I've been pragmatic and got shit done so all the commitment that goes with Christmas is in hand but of course there is now the urge to over spend. Not on presents for other people, or expensive trimmings but I've put money aside and now instead of seeing it as presents for my folks it's rapidly becoming the opportunity to buy a puppy tail butt plug and an inflatable gag that will fit so nicely under my fav hood and the thought of not having to pay council tax in feb is just screaming buy the vac bed!!!!

I've even gone so far as to start working out which of the sellers with these things have the best postage rate. While the rest of the world frets about buying the right things to make loved ones happy, I'm thinking about ways to get my rocks off harder and more frequently!

I suppose the puppy plug could be looked at as something just as much for the boss as me, I'm sure he'll enjoy the sight of my ass up and tail wagging as I suck him off. The inflatable gag and vac bed are all me though pure and simple. Although he does like to polish hmmm....

Puppy needs fucking, fuck puppy hard!

During the week I had an experience that reminded me just how important being Fb is to me. As you've probably noticed I don't use my picture on any covers, blog or author pages. The reasons for this are simple. A) I'm not pretty, not even with the most expert of photography and trick lighting have I got a face that you would want associated with anything sexual, okay the Boss likes it but there's no accounting for taste and B) If any of my colleagues fond out what I get up to in my spare time I'd lose my job so fast they wouldn't give me time to get my coat before leading me off the premises (sadly we still live in a world where people are convinced that any kind of sexual difference means you're a danger to vulnerable people). The picture I use is of my bell, just a little trinket but something I value, and it may sound strange, more than my wedding ring.

My wedding ring, although important was bought on the cheap because I needed one and if the Boss is honest he'll admit I paid for it, but my bell has been on my collar ever since the Boss locked it on more than ten years ago and it was bought as part of what I've always thought to be the sweetest bit of synchronicity. The Boss bought me my collar and I wanted something to put on it. I went into town and fell in love with my bell as soon as I saw it but it was a hot day and I lost patience in the queue waiting to buy it, gave up and went home. Just as I got home the Boss was heading out into town himself and we didn't have time to say more than a quick hello, goodbye.

My collars a very elegant Axsmar creation but given the chance I'd go nuts, lock me, restrict me, own me Boss!

A few hours later the Boss arrives home with a gift, it was the bell. We'd had no conversation, I  hadn't even mention wanting a something to hang from my collar but out of all the jewellers in the town he'd just happened to find my bell and knew it was the perfect thing to buy me.

Anyway, as soon as I woke up Friday I knew my bell was gone, the ring holding it onto the collar had snapped and fortunately it had happened in bed so I found it but couldn't get it fixed till later in the day. I'm so used to it chiming my whole day felt like it had something missing, some thing intangible but important, the sound of that bell reminds me I am wanted and owned and I don't like being without it!

Fb loves her Boss, Fb is the property of her Boss, the real word can go fuck itself!!!

Fuck you AC and MSL, fuck you!!

Apologies again, if I use pictures more than once but the seagate is sooo fucking slow to load from, I lose patience and end up using using favourites!