Sunday, 2 November 2014

By rights this should be the conclusion to my previous post about me and the Boss's last game but it's so been so long since I've had a chance to actually to put some time into writing a blog post it seems rather irrelevant now. Arguably it's only relevant to me and him anyway but that's your luck.

Stay there and shut up, you're not relevant!

As ever the road to getting book 21 out was nowhere near as straight forward as anticipated. One day I'll learn not to be so optimistic about publication dates, it just jumps up and bites me on the ass every time and anyone who reads this sorry ass blog with any kind of regularity must be sick of hearing me say the same things over and over about life conspiring against me.

The excuses for 21 coming out so late are:

My quiet lone working shifts being anything but or swapped so I couldn't get anything done.

Mutiny amongst the workforce which I've had to sort out.

Full moon fever hitting the clients

and a some kind of bug which left me feeling like I was on board ship, tired queasy etc. and as anyone knows it is near enough impossible to even think about sex in any form when you want to throw up.

I've also been behaving very badly on whisper. The Boss says I'm allowed to make strangers cum but no pics or getting off myself. He's happy to take advantage of any arousal I get messing around but he's the only one allowed to make me cum and that includes DIY.

Amazing number of guys with foot fetishes! Sometimes it takes quite a bit of fishing to find some one worth playing with.

A few times all this whisper activity has left me with a great deal of frustration, the Boss will deliberately neglect me even though he knows I'm wound up like a fucking clock spring with no outlet. And before anyone says "why don't you just rub one out while he's not looking?" The Boss has a 6th sense about whether the cork is still in the bottle and spending days and nights with your wrists cuffed so you can't even scratch, let alone play with yourself is not only inconvenient but just makes everything worse.

It's a vicious circle, he connects my wrist cuffs with a short chains and loops them round my belly chain, front if he's in playful mood, back if he's pissed, and always fucking padlocks so I can't cheat. He'll only unlock for emergency's, never when I'm alone and only if I beg, and god does he like to hear me beg. Of course this all just makes me hornier and then it becomes impossible NOT to cum and when I do he starts the whole thing over again as punishment!! Last weekend went very slowly, when you're made to sit around restrained for long periods trying not to think about sex, you can't do anything but! The fact the whole thing is turning you on just getting you wetter, the prospect of yet more, excruciating!! When he's playing this game I can't win, time isn't even on my side, if I'm still in punishment when it's time to go to back to real life, It's his choice of butt plug for my journey home.

Play with yourself self now bitch!

As a result of all this chaos and kept getting distracted. I like to immerse myself in it, let my mind drift off, obsess about the dirty bits and get thoroughly carried away!! Because I wasn't able to do this I'm once again at one of those creative cross roads.

I was convinced I knew where James was going, I saw exactly in my head the next part of the institute, the watch etc and as ever the whole thing was pretty much mapped out but now I don't know.......

I had a vision (that sounds a little over dramatic for my dirty little mind!) but the train has well and truly come of the rails and now I find myself with a whole lot of very vague ideas, rather than the usual overwhelming ones which lead me in a very certain directions. In fact sometimes they're so strong the only way to get rid of them is to literally write them out of my head.

I'm sitting at a cross roads in one direction is more crazy, over the top, science defying, body mods and elaborate set ups. I like the idea of playing with some mummification and breath play (this comes form the idea of buying a vac bed which I know is expensive and impractical but I can't quite let go of it)


In the other direction is a slightly more down to earth and realistic ideas, I sort of fancy playing with Janet seeing as Lola rather unexpectedly dodged the bullet I had coming her way. I think the logical course, if I head in this direction is to have Lola play with Janet but again I'm not sure.

I keep telling myself that maybe I could go down one path then the other but I know what I'm like. If I head one way I'll never get back again and writing something I'm not  100% into will mean I won't enjoy it, and this whole writing things is about enjoying myself but I know what I'm like for writing off on tangents.

Has anyone noticed that the whole premise of the books was that James was supposed to be going to the processing centre? 20 books down the line and he's still not there yet, purely because I've lost concentration and shot off in other directions.

I've thought about asking for more reviews to see if I can write in a direction that people enjoy but to be honest, although reviews are nice that may not actually be so helpful. If I'm worrying to much about what people want it limits how much fun I can have.

This indecision is why there aren't any excerpts at the end of 21. I like adding the excerpts, not because I think they encourage any one to buy the next instalment, I mean you either like this crazy shit or you don't and a couple of lines at the end of one book isn't going persuade people one way or the other. No their main function is to give myself the challenge of trying to work them in and stay on track but this time I just can't do it because I have absolutley no idea where I'm going.

Stop struggling! It'll help you concentrate, trust me!!

A small voice in the back of my head is even asking if maybe the brethren series has run its course, should I perhaps think about taking one of the marginal characters and running with them or maybe even having a play with some more down to earth stories? For a while I had a proper novel running through my head but that hasn't been replaced by anything so maybe this is an opportunity to broaden my horizons. I also took the time to read a gift from a real author which makes my writing look like the amateur effort it is, I always knew I was coarse but this just made me feel clumsy and brutish.

Now I'm just confusing myself!! I need to reset my brain. I need to do something to clear the clouds. I've found that getting drunk can often work quite well in that regard so the purchase of a bottle of red stag is imminent!!

Oh, nearly forgot I promised some excerpts.......

Excerpt one

"He didn't?", "he did!", "really?", "really!".

Excerpt two

"Well that got out of hand quickly!"

See you all in the next book, whatever that looks like