Friday, 5 September 2014

This butt plug is fucking huge, he's only let me take it out once in four hours and there's no sign he's going to let me take it out again any time soon. Today's instructions were modified when I got impatient. There was nothing by the bed so a nudged him with a text. Apparently he was going to send me instructions later but now I've pissed him off and I'm on punishment without release. I'm wearing rubber pants and my lovely long soft rubber dress but I'll be lucky if he even looks at my freshly shaved Fannie!! I'd rather he caned me than denial, I want him to play with me badly but when he's pissed off like this I won't even get a spanking and by tomorrow when my time of being sent to sexual Coventry is up he'll make me pay big time for his own frustration!! Aaaarrgggh.

Not chastity! Anything but chastity, at least let me rub it, you can't stretch my ass out like this and not use it!!!

Every time I move this dress rustled so beautifully, I am horny as all hell!! Before I even contacted him I'd given myself the deepest enema and made my nipples so fucking sore pissing in about with the nipple clamps, now with the plug I am absolutely gagging for him to use me. I have to be fucking careful not to annoy him any more, which could be difficult. If he's annoyed enough the slightest thing could add even more to my punishments. The boss likes to be in control and has no problems asserting his authority.

I've been very good reciting the stations of the good sub regularly and when ordered. The boss has become very fond of hearing them too.

"In order to be a good spouse and a wanted spouse a sub must: Obey all rules as dictated by their Dom, live to serve their Dom's needs, welcome every gift of pain with gratitude, take no kindness for granted and thank their Dom with every breath for each day they are permitted to exist"

I am a good spouse, a good sub and it's not fair I want fucking!!!

I think however at least one of the ideas I'm playing with for book 22 is not translatable into real life

Absolutely obsessed with these pictures

(Huge appreciation to whoever bronc/chains is)

I mean fuck yeah!!

Threaded on a chain, the thought of it either winding around your insides all nice and heavy in your gut

Or having a rigid pipe running down your throat and belly, passing out of your ass!!

Okay now I'm just compounding my own situation by winding myself up even more.

The main achievement of today was getting number 20 out and I'm pleased to say 21 is already writing itself. This is probably because I'm more than just a bit obsessive about sex at the moment, there's serious stuff I should be concentrating on, big, life changing stuff but I'm not sure if it's in spite off, or even because of, my mind is deliberately distracting itself but I'm so in the mindset to spend the weekend getting my freak on.

Here I am just ready to be used

The boss, who fortunately is very tuned in to my need to play, has jumped on board the idea of over indulging in a lot of bondage sex and today left me a set of instructions to follow while he was at work. I'm not back at work till Monday now so I'm free to do as I please. I took care of the last of my obligations which meant contact with the outside world, so now he can lock me away and make me suffer, bliss! I have to confess I did answer an important work email wearing a butt plug and take a couple of deliveries wearing nipple clamps but now it's proper game on. My guess is he wrote his instruction before coming to bed last night and for the boss were quite detailed, he even kindly left gear ready for me. 

Be a good girl Fb and I'll make you very happy...

First thing was a pair of vacuum tubes waiting on my bedside cabinet with a note saying they were to be worn until the first delivery arrived. I'm a creature of habit so the boss knew damn well I was in for two very uncomfortable hours. Photographic proof of the blood they drew made him very happy and the instruction to swap the tubes for clamps and the promise of a caning if wasn't wearing the fat purple butt plug when he got home.

If you'd worn the fat one it wouldn't hurt so much cuz you'd be all stretched out and ready!!

I'm pretty sure the second delivery guy noticed the clamps through my top but if I'm honest I liked the idea. The Boss was pleased to see I'd obeyed when he got home and rewarded me with the remote control vibe which he's steadily draining the battery on. I don't think he's given me ten minutes piece and apart from being allowed to change butt plugs, he told me the clamps are to stay on till bed time. It's not worth trying to reposition them to ease the pain they're causing, releasing them is just excrutiating. God I want to cum so badly but once we're in full on gaming mode I'm not allowed to masturbate so I'm having to resort to grinding and clenching like some fucking bitch in heat!! I've also got a big new batch of porn so, not getting off is going to be a real struggle. 

I do tend towards obedience when the boss has got his serious game head on, he's not one for symbolic punishments, if I'm caught making myself cum he will make me sorry. He has a real thin cane which I hate and he loves! He has even on occasions got sufficiently angry to ban me orgasms of any kind for whole games and on a couple of occasions weeks! 

I think this is the first time when gaming I've had the time to blog, as well as write so hopefully I'm going to be lucky enough to get myself lost in being the bosses oh so obedient fuck bitch!!!! You can't get a better stress reliever. Work can have me Monday but for these four days I am my owners toy. Some nice weed is going to make it even more awesome.

Locked away in the house kept as his personal sex slave, luck, luck me....

I can't wait for tomorrow no obligations so I can devote myself to my libido, I shall follow any instructions my boss leaves, along with a deep enema and some layering of soft rubber. Saturday will the restrictive gear for me, Sunday will be the shiny gear for the boss. My guess is that the boss's choice of butt plug means he wants me stretched for some anal, oh god I do hope so....