Sunday, 20 July 2014

Book 19 is out !!!!

But I have a problem!!! 

Just a matter of hours since writing one post about knowing where I'm going with book 20, I've been completely turned around and from my position of having my shit together, I'm in complete chaos! The Boss has got me all distracted. It probably sounds odd but he doesn't read my stories. 

Not only is my ego way too much of a mine field to allow him to make any suggestions but I think even as oh fe as we are with the twisted stuff that goes on in each others heads, even I couldn't explain why such extremes turn me on to some one and still look them in the eye! Anyway, for the first time, apart from each stories content being what's turning me on when I write, they've actually had an impact on how The Boss and I play. He read some notes I made for 20 and the stations of the good sub I wrote appealed to him so much, I have instructions to get learning. By saturday I have to be able to recite them. He made a comment along the lines of "we'll of you came up with it you must think that's what a good sub spouse should live by, best you start living by it". 

"In order to be a good spouse and a wanted spouse a sub must: Obey all rules as dictated by their Dom, live to serve their dom's needs, welcome every gift of pain with gratitude, take no kindness for granted and thank their Dom with every breath for each day they are permitted to exist"

And you know what, I like it as my mantra . There would be no fb without her boss and I do get a buzz out of being controlled. I find that when were all loved up from a really good session is the best time for him to lay down new demands and rules. I'm being betrayed by my own body chemistry! All this loved up and mellow brain fuzz has left me with a dilemma! 

I throw in the excerpts at the end partly so I can hint at where I'm going next but also partly to challenge myself to see if I can stretch my creativity to include them.  At the moment however, thanks to him throwing this at me I'm so fucking loved up and horny I'm all over the place and can't focus on any one destination or set of circumstances. I sooooo thought I fucking had it but now I can't make any decisions and I just want to write too much. I have a rough list of places James could go, or places he was supposed to go but never reached but within the institute I have so many scenarios and at least three distinct areas I want James to explore, this will be the first time one books come out without the next waiting in the wings. Fuck it fuck it, I was so together. 

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