Friday, 30 May 2014

Talk about first world problems, the iPod I keep upstairs for late night jotting and the watching of sneaky porn is more than just a little temperamental. Okay, I got it cheap because the cameras a bit shonky but I can guarantee it always locks up and needs restoring when I've got a blog entry ready to roll! 

18 has finally rolled out !!! 

The clips on the cover are my current favourite toy btw!

Life really got In the way of getting it done sooner. Between hospital appointments, the cat passing away and crap at work leaving me too knackered to concentrate, it was far too long coming (or is that cumming, still no ones answered that question). I get so frustrated when can't set aside time to immerse myself in the brethren. The fact that people like the books is beyond wonderful but at the end of the day they really are me indulging myself. I write stuff that makes me horny and as a way of excorcising what ever is currently obsessing me (and thanks to The Boss it's nipples that are occupying me just at the moment)


My nipples are so fucking sore right now, the boss currently has a thing about wanting to see them hard, this has meant an awful lot of time being spent clipped, clamped and stretch. Although, I have to admit drawing blood felt a rather nice this morning. We seem to be playing some quite subtle obedience games. As I mentioned before at one time we tended towards quite formal big long weekend games but now it's creeping more into everyday life, which I have to say is in a way more exciting because it's that bit more controlling. I have to give up power instantly, there's no time to think I either prove my submission unconditionally or lose the chance of some serious fun. 

The boss proved he's mastering the art of ownership very nicely yesterday, two minutes before leaving for Sainsbury's an ass hook I'd completely forgotten about was jabbed into place and its chain padlocked to my collar, long hair can hide a multitude of sins. Swine then walked as slow as was humanly  possible around the supermarket and took every opportunity just to press his hand into the small of my back. Only took a gentle push to make that bloody bit of metal dance! He also suddenly developed a reason to sit and enjoy the view from every bench on the way home! 

Apologies by the way for making the last girl drink piss! Last time till it obsesses me again promise. It was just that once I'd compressed her in all that rubber I couldn't resist!

Okay, so she's not exactly in the right pose but this bloody Seagate takes fucking forever for pictures to load and I got fed up looking for one that is!

I'm dying to play with Stepford type domestic servitude in book 19, obedient wives being punished for bad behaviour and not being dirty enough. Drudges, dolls and bimbos, I want to play with themes around long term bondage and body mods. Given the state of my nipples and the fact that the boss is likely to keep up the assault on them for some time (he does get fixated occasionally) I have a feeling there is also likely to be a lot of breast play and torture. 

I like the idea of creating a monstrous exaggeration of suburban life, the little woman kept at home. Okay, wearing a set of clamps while cleaning the bathroom makes it a little less tedious but I want to take it to the extreme, being made to endure while doing the wifey duties and being punished for non compliance. I liked Albert having a mistress maybe I'll play around with that, a slave in the kitchen, bimbo waiting in the bedroom? After all if you don't have kids in a semi there's plenty of room for other bodies, or what better way to maintain domestic harmony than for two doms to keep a criminal to play with! 

Def liking this theme more and more! A bizarre kind of normal on the surface, mown lawns, fetes and town councils. Enormous amounts of restraint and domination behind closed doors, punctuated with regular public humiliation.

Just found this.......hmmmm, like it!!!

Couldn't resist buying this on eBay! Will finish my head to toe rubber in style.

I gave in to vanity the other day and Googled my books. I discovered that some catholic scholars are in for a bit of a surprise, they're included on a reading list for catholic studies. My guess is the word brethren is making them show up on a search but whatever the reason my apologies to anyone offended!

I got an email from a fan yesterday, talk about over the moon. He was so kind, it's always nice to know I'm actually producing stories that people enjoy! I need to find out how to give kindle books as gifts, I can send Smashwords vouchers but the give as gift button seems to have disappeared on Amazon! 

I am such a fucking amateur at all this, my books need editing on Goodreads and in an attempt to upload a better edited copy of book two to Smashwords I've lost track of which copy was nuked and keep getting bloody ePub errors! I also need to get tax stuff sorted  


I'm wearing rubber pants, my nipples are hard as hell and my head is full of ideas for book 19 and I really really want The Boss to get home and do this kind of shit to me.  

my guess is it will all just have to wait, again.

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