Thursday, 10 April 2014

I'm beginning to think that this blog should be called "welcome to disappointment!" After reading my stories anyone would have a right to expect a rolling catalogue of excitement and debauchery, what do they get instead. Endless tails of what what judge Judy would describe as could'a would'a should'a but as I've learnt it has to be either one thing or the other, I can either pour my imagination into the stories or the blog. I've got limited time so somethings got to give. I'd love to make up some fabulous exotic tales to make my life and what's going on in it sound like something to envy but oh my god I am so fucking ordinary and only 50% of me and the boss's attempts to actually get down and play dirty ever seem to pay off, life seems to have a habit of getting in the way! I've lost count how many times we've planned to really put the bed through its paces but yet again our crazy weekend got put on hold!

Back in you box till next week!

Without boring you (any further) with the details basically an appointment with an MRI scanner means the demise of my permanent jewellery!! A bolt cropper will soon go through the locks but it's still a pisser. I always had in the back of my mind the thought that one day something medical might mean they had to be removed but I always figured it would be as part of some emergency not just because my general decrepitude needed looking at!! Putting a positive spin on the whole thing however at least having the MRI will mean that the bits of my skeleton that have got in the way of sexual violence will no longer be such a problem.

Trust me honey it'll fix your back up a treat!

Also, now I do have to stress the point that I'm not some personality disordered Munchhausen sufferer, another plus point is that I get to hang out at the hospitals orthopaedic service. All hose straps and stuff, nice. I do like the word straps brings a smile to my face. 
Straps and lacing and nurses, oh my!

I've been doing the smashwords dance again. Now that my term with kdp select has run out I'm republishing on smashwords, more as a back up than anything. I sell absolutely sod all with them, literally but one day my filth may show up on kindles censoring radar so I need a back up in case they block me.
It's funny but a little bit of me feels guilty for veto g turned on being at the hospital, after all I acknowledge that people are suffering and what has kinky over tones for me is part of some awful condition for some one else, a disability but 'straps!' I love medical fetish play but don't indulge it's the boss. It takes a certain amount of realism to pull off playing Dr's and nurses and quite frankly I can't keep a straight face when the boss is pretending to be some one. Between you and me he puts on what he thinks is a sexy voice but he always just ends up sounding like Terry Thomas (showing my age there!). I like to keep stuff simple too, nice rough sex, throw in some abuse and a bit of humiliation, finish off with a lot of restraint and I'm happy. 
Yay, more straps!

I contemplated staging a full scale 'game' this weekend but just thinking a about it seems to be a jinx! Just for now we'll stick with the random spankings and on demand sexual obedience. Works a treat for keeping the motors ticking over if not opening the throttle just at the moment. 

I have the house to myself tomorrow so I've treated myself to a new big nobbly butt plug and an inflatable, I'm going to spend the day indulging in self abuse and if the mood takes me I may be in some rubber when the boss gets home. The plug arrived etc arrived in plain brown wrapper at work today so it felt good knowing it was under my desk. I kept thinking about what I was going to do and the day just flew by!

 Book 18 is currently leaning towards some rubber and breath play, possibly some sensory deprivation. I like the concept of the moretta whores being at least blind when they're used. Like thorough bred race horses, trained and refined, elegant and helpless!

I have to be careful not to repeat photos too often, the seagate is being a pain in the ass and waiting for thumbnails to load takes an age! I've notice I get bored and a couple of times haven't waited to look for the exact picture I want. Sorry for that.

I've also just discovered that a lot of the video files aren't working or accessible on it. Because of the sheer number I can afford to lose a few but I'd rather not I have a ravenous appetite for porn and can never get enough, I need more new all the time and having a vast back catalogue means I can flick endlessly (literally!) till I get what I want from it. I think the files may have been dead before I transferred them it's tough deleting stuff even when you know it doesn't work. I've got older copies on an old drive but am I really going to piss about trying to retrieve stuff I haven't watched in years and stuff they isn't necessarily up to much, I've got to be more disciplined! I can not lose the index stuff though, that is the holy grail!!!i guess I have to look at it the same way as when you upgrade formats, 100 albums become 30 tracks you actually like. I'm always wary of losing videos because my taste in what get a me off shifts so much. What obsesses me one week doesn't the next.

Do I make it sound like my sex life is pathetic? Because I don't mean it too. I am owned by my boss and he shows me he means it. I suppose the big games are actually about me indulging my latest whim be air they're never the same and the every day stuff is more about the boss's wants, after all typing this gagged is not my idea, I have wine to drink but he has a hard on and is smirking like hell! The placement of the lube by the bed also suggests his fascination with my ass hole is about to run be given full rein!

Saying no will lead to retribution later. His current favourite is still the padlock, collar combo on the bed. He likes to vary it between locking me face up or down.

I will miss my collar and the anklet but the promise of new ones has been made, I was hoping for a cuff to add to the set for my birthday but I'll just be happy with some to replace he ones I'm going to have to cut off. Plus as well I'll get to experience that Divine feeling of having my collar locked shut again. something hits your psyche deep down when you know that your collar is no whim or affectation. When the boss locks my collar to the bed I am absolutely his prisoner, it's not like cuffs or a gag I can slip in or out when he's not looking. 

My bell will of course be transferred to my new collar. Every now and then I do something that makes my bell ring and it reminds me of why it's there and makes me blush to myself, thinking of how it dances when he fucks me from behind or I'm sucking cock. It's a sign of my being a dirty owned subservient slut and taking it off is not my choice.

I think my moreta whores need collar to show while their working that belong to the brothel, high stiff collars? Or slender steel rings ?? 

Tempted to add a new belly chain to my jewellery, seeing as I'm having a revamp, might as well!!
Fb wants new jewellery!