Saturday, 29 March 2014

Well, today was productive if not interesting. I'm working all weekend so decided to do a bit of editing on one of my other serious books (don't worry, I'm not about to advertise the output of my other writing persona, the brethren books are something enjoy playing with, my dirty little secret and never the twain shall meet!) 

All the best secrets are kept locked away!

Ordinarily I'd work on the brethren series but decided to knuckle under, got lots done but it was far less fun at work without a little bit of pervery. Nothing like sitting in my office secretly wearing a butt plug or a pair of rubber pants writing about real freaky shit and getting horny as hell but not this weekend, these shifts are being devoted to being practical. 

Amazing what you can get away with wearing under street clothes.

Shame because I could do with just letting myself obsess. The boss and I are taking a long weekend off work next weekend and we're going to test out bed too destruction! I have purchased far to many new items of rubber clothing and don't intend leaving the house. I've bought some loose trousers and fab pants, all made of soft heavy rubber I can't wait to get dressed up and be the bosses rubber slut. 

We made the decision to take time off and play on the fly so it's not going to be one of our role play extravaganzas but I don't care, I'm all for just throwing myself into a wild weekend and seeing what happens! Being confined and restrained of course has the upside of giving me lots of time to write so if I'm a bit disciplined for a change and get the 'proper' book finished out of the way next weekend can be devoted to being totally fb, property of the boss!!

I'm also dying to write about the creature Amber found in the crate!

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