Sunday, 9 March 2014

Well that's a turn up for the books, sure as hell didn't think I'd be writing my next blog entry on an iPad. I've been toying around with the idea one and mentioned it to my dad. He has a quick word with my mum and she let's me have hers! Apparently she never really got on with it and it's spent it entire life sitting in a drawer. My folks are currently enjoying a second childhood, only this time they can afford all the toys they want! Hopefully having the flexibility of some thing I can edit on will loosen my writing schedule up a bit and my output won't be so dependent on being able to get to my laptop. I have time and computers at work but it's so not worth taking the risk of putting any of my work on any kind of shared network. 

This sort of shit on a work desk top could take some explaining!!

Had a rather nice surprise this week, turns out my friend on facebook is a Dom! I was worried I'd scare the crap out of her letting her read the books but joy of joys she's on the same wavelength. I've never wanted to be part of a scene. I totally love the fact that most people share their passion but it's just not me. I don't cope with people very well but it's nice to have these occasional connections. She seemed surprised that The Boss has never read my work but it's kind of nice to keep it to myself and my distant but like minded readers. I've decided I want to call my friend my keeper. I'm not sure she realises just how powerful a position she's in. She has information about what goes on in my psyche no one else has. As a thank you I'm going use her name in book 18. 

Beat me B, you know you want to!!

17 is being edited and will hopefully be out next weekend, I'm pleased with it. There are some themes I couldn't resist playing with and I still keep thinking about piss for some reason. I go through phases of being kink obsessed, it's usually a sign that I need a good hiding form The Boss. Given the fact that I got spanked 'just because' this evening is probably a good indication that he's up for some fun too. Last night I got to test the stocks on the bed, while he had a bath. A nice fit, the cum he left drying on my tits got cold quickly though.

18 already has a brothel theme forming in my head, I want to play with a bit more technology. All the leather in 17 felt good but I like playing with hardcore mutilation.

 I like a few drops of blood in fact I've developed a bit of a thing for drawing my own. All the pain of excessive nipple play is made that bit more fulfilling when I draw blood. Being able to feel the burn of a bit of damage for the rest of the day is bliss, told you I like having secrets

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