Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm odd this is established fact! Technically when it comes to actual sex I'm a bottom but when I'm collecting and watching porn I do it on the basis of how the subject suffers. I'm a chicken about pain and discomfort but love watching others being out through the ringer. I've always wondered if maybe the only reason I'm a bottom is because I'm too lazy to be a top (looks like a lot of hard work!) I also have a feeling that if I unleashed the beast I'd probably do some one some one some serious damage. I've got a sadistic streak, in fact I can identify times when I've been very deliberately down right awfully cruel (many many times and quite regularly if truth be told!!).

I get a buzz out of being mean in everyday life but not sexually, when I'm watching porn I'm putting my mind into that of the victim, I look and think I'd like stuff done to me rather than doing it to some one, told you I'm odd but enough of this very navel gazing.

The gloom that's been hanging over me is waning, The Boss being The Boss certainly helped, he insisted I wait for him cuffed and gagged on the bed, got my timing wrong so when he finally came upstairs I'd done neither, hard core spanking ensued. Jesus my ass stung! Meant it took ages to get to sleep but it seemed to lift my mood the next day.

This raises the question, does this kind of behaviour fulfil an emotional need in that, some one taking the time to do this thing to me means they care? Does it release some kind of endorphins I need to keep my brain on an even keel? Or is the activity just extreme enough to distract me from the negative thought cycle I'm stuck in? Answers on a post card, enquiring minds need to know!

My first one star review and it's fab

 Wrong Foot 31 January 2014
I picked up on this title because the title, The Brethren, expecting something along the lines of "Not All Fruit Are Oranges". Instead I found sheer sadism without a plot. Shan't bother with the others.

A) who starts a series at book 12?
B) does he mean the Jeanette winterson novel "oranges are not the only fruit"
And if so
C) how do you make the assumption that a story with a blurb that talks explicitly about bondage and fetish would be in any way similar?

I think he may be doing me a favour, I know I'd buy a book that promised no plot would get in the way of some hard core nasty.

Well this is just useless without a plot!!

I received a very nice pair of rubber pants and dress in the post yesterday, the Boss had the look of a kid at Christmas when I handed him the package to open, he made lots of happy little mutterings about the smell and spent an awful lot time trying to get comfortable!! Once the switch has been flicked all it takes is the odd sly look to keep him ticking over all evening. It's usually after a few hours of me winding him up he snaps and gets spanking to be back in control of his own hard on!

Well if I'm not careful I'm going to waste 18 hours of potential writing time. I'm manning the fort here at work on my own all weekend so time to exercise some self discipline and get writing!!!

Update: Wasted almost an entire shift looking for shoes online, doh!

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