Saturday, 4 January 2014

Thursday he went nuts!! I was informed in no uncertain terms that he wasn't impressed by my moaning and was left a nice fat set of instructions. By 3pm I had to be: Naked, blindfolded, ankles cuffed together, wrists cuffed behind my back. He let me sit like that for what felt like ages then made me kneel, fucking my face like he paid for it.

Then an hour on the bench with that nice fat butt plug, sitting pretty. Very mean with the lube! Didn't dare say so. I got spanked for moaning about his hangover, not calling him sir enough and not doing a tidy job shaving!! 10 strikes for each and had to say thank you for it. Damn I was sure h broke the skin, hope is palm stung.

Given the privledge off enough freedom to cook a meal, yay for me. Then I was ordered onto the bed. Had to suck him off to be let out of this kind of thing (butt plug still in place) only to be turned over and

Stayed like this till he came up to bed. 

Upside, he made me cum soooo hard with a vibrator.
Downside, afterwards he came on my face, let it dry before releasing me 
and made me thank him for doing it!!

Got no writing done

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