Monday, 6 January 2014

Saturday was the big finish, The Boss gave me strict instructions and by 2pm I was dressed to the nines in black rubber. Shirt, trousers, corset, black boots and big fat butt plug for good measure and so began the adoration and polishing. I love the polishing, makes me feel very special.

Ok, not me but you really wouldn't get much out of seeing the real me!

The Boss is fussy beyond belief about my latex gear being perfect, so I had to stand for ages while he sprayed and polished every single inch. A giggle earned me a spank and my lips being locked, once he was happy with his work I was placed on the bench and informed that for now I was to keep still and be decorative! 

However despite his plan to be all mean and aloof, the sight of an offered ass got the better of him pretty quickly The Boss replaced the butt plug with his cock. 

Latex is like catnip to The Boss makes him a bit crazy, when I'm all dressed up he just can't help himself.I like that, makes me feel like the sexiest woman in the world (personally I think I look like an inflatable but it floats his boat, so I can't argue).

Got shit loads of writing done, rubber is not a practical garment for being too busy so basically sat on my ass typing, cock sucking or being fucked. By late afternoon The Boss was referring to the bench (which he thought was a waste of time) as 'his' bench and just couldn't hold himself back any longer.

I however was made to wait...

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