Friday, 3 January 2014

Now,  The Boss had a grand plan, he had the idea that he wanted me to confess all here on my blog and I was happy to do it but I had to ask him whether he wanted me to write some deep and sexy pieces talking about feelings, emotions and stuff or the truth? So I'm sorry if anyone thought they were going to get meaningful musings on bondage and submissions but we're a pair of 40 something kinksters, not especially attractive a bit over weight and no matter how hard we try we can't maintain uber cool S&M personas, we try but it always just leads to giggling!!

So this is what's happening, the truth

Oh dear god he is in a spank happy mood this week!! Tuesday afternoon was spent on the bench while he made my ass burn, he's also very pleased to discover that it's the perfect fucking height!!

Okay, this obviously isn't me but trust me the only person who wants to see me naked is The Boss, so lets just pretend it is!

He left me secured tot he bench for sooo long and then apparently I didn't beg hard enough to be released so got spanked again. Considering how much he hummed and ahh'd about whether we had room for the bench he sure seems to be bonding with it!!! 

My ass was still stinging by the time we toasted the new year, we drank champagne under the stars and watched the neighbours fireworks but the dog started freaking out so we had to go back indoors!! We are just so fucking glamorous....

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