Saturday, 4 January 2014

Not only does the The Bosses plan to have me blog as a means 'exposure' have a fatal floor in the fact that no one reads this but the other than proving we're idiots and deeply uncool it's impossible to type with your hands cuffed behind your back. You're the one who's kept me tied up genius so stop moaning I'm not 'exposing' myself enough.

After making good use of the bench Tuesday night we set about seeing in the new year with champagne and vodka shots, nice! 

Drink up sweetie!

New years day started slowly a pair of hangovers meant we didn't really do much. A low energy day, which I moaned about. This fact did not escape The Boss (who also didn't appreciate my laughing myself stupid because I was tied to the bench and blindfolded, meaning he had to clear up what the cat brought up in the hall!)  but fuck did he make me pay Thursday!!!

The Doll from the museum has reappeared in Steinmetz clinic, poor Dolly. Things aren't going well for her. When I wrote about her owner before he seemed ok, turns out he's a bit of a bastard!! It's looking like book 16 is going to come out next weekend, my idea of getting loads written has not quite panned out but as I say. it's tough to type in handcuffs!!!

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