Thursday, 16 January 2014

I think I should blog more after a glass of wine. The stuff I write in the mornings is so bloody bland but funnily enough I write my best story pieces when I'm writing at work. 

I noticed what a contradiction there is between my books and this blog. They really are out there when this is tame as hell. Same go's for my actual bondage play with the boss and what I describe. Two 40 something nobodies who still giggle at the sight of each others genitals vs the uber sadist who judges hard core bondage porn by the quality of the woman's suffering, also I'm a total wuss about pain. Oh how I wish I could put some some glamour into the fb peaches persona, never mind I'll borrow some one else's. 

Absolutely astounded by how long it's taking me to get book 16 out!!! I mean for fucks same I even had a week off work to get it done but I think I'm even further behind schedule than normal I mean how the hell have I managed to do that? Still had tired eyes which slowed things down but that's not much of an excuse. Granted I did spend most of my week off with the the boss's cock down my throat which makes it tough to get much done! We are both in that post game loved up frame of mind. My guess is we'll have to have another prolonged session when the new bed arrives end of January, well, we have to christen it don't we. A bed with built in stocks, every subs dream!!

Speaking of being loved up I've had two more absolutely stunning reviews on goodreads I am over the moon and so so flattered. Even more so because they're from some one very well respected. I thought I'd annoyed them when I first joined because another reviewer (luv you Ella but you are nuts!) seems to be starting a row over one of my books but wow, they have my story's a try and I actually have a fan. This is all a bit amazing really seek g as I only started publishing almost as part of a dare. Life can be strange.

It's going to be so hard no to obsess about my new bed, I want it sooo badly and given how well the last session went it can not come soon enough.

Bed due any time after the 20th book due by Saturday night when I get to see if I pass the censors just one more time. Publishing porn on amazon is like trying to avoid a T. rex, all you can do is stand quietly in the corner and hope it doesn't spot you. 

Day off work tomorrow, after a good clean I'm going to do the house work and editing. The application of nipple clamps and a butt plug will make it that bit more fun xx

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