Saturday, 18 January 2014

I spent so long ummming and ahhing about whether it not to get busy with the toys today I ended up not using anything but on the plus side I finally got book 16 out (sorry, story not book, book makes it sound far worthier than it is) I always make a point of putting some work into my non porn writing in between producing the Brethren stuff but at the moment I really want to get working on 17. I can see everyone standing out side in the sunshine and I know exactly where I want them to go, unless I get it written down it's just going to rattle around in my head stopping me from thinking of anything else.

I always have two stories running in my head but sometimes one dominates and drives me nuts if I don't let it run. It's like having two films rolling, it's as if their both are already written I just have to write them down as they playout. One stopping while the other starts and vice versa. Sorry if I ramble by the way it's gone midnight and I've succumbed to liquer! I keep thinking of Gord style pets for 17. Feels like the end of an era now the man himself has passed, Gord was my introduction to real bondage and his books are amongst my prized possessions. I fell in love with curiosity tamed the Kat and still have my original copy, battered and much read. It really does adhere to the cliche of falling open at just the right page. I always found the website a mixed bag, absolutely wonderful things combined with some stuff that was just that bit too tame for me. As I say loved the books, the Benson illustrations pure joy but turning women into motorised vehicles has never really been my bag but the man was an innovator.

This idea obsessed me for weeks!

Another favourite 

Got to love Benson

This liquer is going down far too easily, I have a feeling the boss will be late to bed tonight he's busy noodling around mixing on his pc and he always get engrossed. I like to watch porn once he's asleep so I may be in for a late night. I have a really set ritual which means having to wait till he's asleep so if he's late coming up I'm late getting off. I also have to confess I've been dipping into the beta blockers late at night. I made a little discovery after taking them for driving lessons, they make for nice rolling orgasms, once upon a time we used to get shit faced and have long nights of hard sex after taking shit we bought in little pieces of paper, old habits die hard. I'm a woman of appetites, many and varied But remember don't try this at home kids!!!

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