Saturday, 25 January 2014

I have to make it clear that I don't have a lot of money, I know I go on a lot about stuff I want to buy but that's because I'm irresponsible with money rather than because I have lots to spare.The boss and I both work, we have minimal out goings, no kids and with the little bit extra from book sales it means I have a bit of spare to buy the kinky luxuries. 

This payday I'm obsessing with, more rubber clothes, I'm looking at pants and long skirts (I fancy covering myself in flowing layers) and some more enema gear. I've been using a very stylish European style can for ages but I'm seriously considering a new bag with a retention balloon. I should put the money into savings but no matter how sensible I know deep down I should be I'm afraid sensible just isn't in my nature.

It's felt like a long week, fortuneatly I had a few big chunks of down time at work to get my 'proper' novel finished but today is a wash out. I was obliged to go to a works do last night and there was no way I could get drunk so I ended up drinking way way way too much caffeine to keep up and getting to sleep was a nightmare. The sum total of my activity today has been to measure my thighs so I can order some new rubber pants and paint my nails. Thighs big nails blue!

Book 17 is making my brain itch, because I've given my spare time over to my other writing project James et all are all left standing out in the sun waiting to move. I'm def going with the pet girl and animal angle but I want to explore the idea of more psychological training going in to create them. Steinmetz is able to mutilate bodies and make monsters but at the moment I'm curious about the idea of punishment, training and endless repition as a means of conditioning some one into truly believing they're no more than a degraded animal. What's more effective, altering a body so some one has too crawl on all fours to move or restricting their mind and body for so long that that's all their capable of?  And my guess is different owners would want different things. For some, the thought of the person still having their wits about them, a human in an animal body of you like would be a turn on but for others it would be about having a genuine pet and if that wasn't complicated enough what would be a bigger kick, the thought that some ones personality and free will had been instantly obliterated by some one like steinmetz or that they'd suffered as it was eroded like water drip drip dripping and wearing away a stone.

I was looking for something to fit into my training idea and spotted this, I soo want to use this theme soon.

I keep thinking that it's a bit of a cheek me using other people's art and photo's to decorate my blog but I can't draw and you sooo don't want to see me in the raw!

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