Friday, 10 January 2014

I have to be careful how I start this because if I start by saying "oh sorry to keep you waiting" it makes me sound really arrogant, as if I believe there are people waiting with baited breath to find out how our game ended and we all know even you're just here because of a random google hit :-)

The delay in finishing, believe it or not, has not been to create any suspense, it's not been to be dramatic, it's been because by Sunday my eyes were killing me!! I know ridiculous isn't it. I'd spent so long editing pissing about and just generally noodling around on my laptop that my eyes were killing me. Everytime I looked at the screen they watered like hell, I also think wearing a blindfold on and off during the week didn't help.

Sweaty eyelids are a bugger!!!

Anyway, by late Saturday night I'd Sucked The Boss dry (literally) and my latex clothes had become my second skin. You know that point where you can't move it and any pulling or shifting drags at your skin, that's the point of perfection to me, almost when you've almost become one with the rubber, nice! 

I got onto all fours in front of my beloved Boss and began to beg, he left me down there till my knees ached and after giving me a world class spanking, I lost count at 22.

He agreed to make me cum!

I put my ballet boots on and he tied me down too the bed, mitts secured to my collar, a belt holding by elbows to my sides he chained my ankle cuffs to the edge of the bed and left me. My ass was stinging like crazy and it felt like he let me stew for hours but I have no idea because all I could do was stare at the ceiling.

He came back and brought the vacuum tubes with him. He secured them in place and told me to get begging again, he said he wasn't impressed, settled the ring gag behind my teeth, slipped on the blindfold and once again left me to stew.

It didn't take long for me to slip into sub space. That blissful feeling when you have no control of your body and the lines between where body, restraints and latex merge blur. 

My ass was still burning and my nipples throbbing so when The Boss returned gave the tubes another twist and unzipped my crotch I was struggling not to cum, the cold air was enough to push me close to the edge. 
The Bosses tongue did the job in the end, it was absolute heaven, one of those awesome earth shattering orgasms.......the second one he forced on me with the vibrator was agony and it felt as if it would never end.

Sunday I washed the gear powdered and packed it away, Monday I went to work with rubber burns on my knees and my ass still sore. The corners of my mouth a little bloody, made themselves known whenever I smiled and when my colleagues asked what I'd done over Christmas I'd say "not much". I thoroughly recommend the vacuum tubes btw, my nipples remained sensitive till Tuesday!!

The Boss and I are all loved up, our 'special' bed will be delivered soon and of course we'll have to test it thoroughly!!!

If I get my act together I might be able to get book 16 out by Sunday...............................

I'd love to be one of these ultra cool s&m divas who eats sleeps and breathes sexual excess but I'm not, I can't even get organised enough to pretend I am.

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