Sunday, 5 January 2014

I have crap nipples, I would love nice pert boobs with proper cute looking nipples. I have however made a discovery, the nipple sucker, tube, things I bought go a long way to making what I have got impossible to ignore. A) Because they way more than double in size and B) Because they become soooooo fucking sensitive.

I was a good girl and by Fridays deadline was not only wearing my nice big butt plug but also the pear. The guy delivering the groceries had no idea. Pussy and ass feeling good and loaded with a serious amount of steel I stood on the doorstep quite merrily chatting about the weather!!

The Boss decided this was far too much freedom, so as soon as the door was closed he locked my mouth shut using my lip piercing, the nose shackle and a padlock.

Cuffed my hands behind my back and got busy with the tubes, bastard!! Rule is, if my lips are locked I'm not allowed to make a sound and apparently whimpering is now a justification for a spanking. It was a vicious circle, a tiny squeak earned a spank or another twist! Maintaining absolute silence while your nipples are aching like hell, your butt cheeks are burning and some one is fucking you hard in the ass is tough.

 As I've said before The Boss is a pretty gentle guy but he does love to play the bad guy, there was a lot of "goon scream ya bitch so I can smack you again".

Once he'd knackered himself out I got to keep the cuffs and shackle on, lips were unlocked but I had to ask permission to have my wrists and ankles freed if I wanted to do anything other than sitting in my chair with my feet together and my hands behind my back!

Oh how he loves to make me beg, he gets this smug little grin, which is infuriating!

Sleeping was an absolute fucking night mare, I was allowed to have my ankles connected by a chain (only about a foot long mind you) but my hands we're padlocked together in front. Now ordinarily I quite like sleeping like this but with my nipples still throbbing from the tubes it was impossible to get comfortable.

Every time I moved or the duvet touched them it was agony. The slightest thing made them stand to attention and ache. 

About midnight, I dared to break The Boss's rule about no self pleasure, I thought he was asleep, he caught me. 

Amazing how a man can go from snoring to spanking in seconds, just what I needed to make things even better, a stinging pair of cheeks and wrists now secured behind my back.

Surprise, surprise no writing done!!!

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