Friday, 17 January 2014

And yet another day spent avoiding getting book 16 edited!! After the best deep enemas received whilst wearing the nipple tubes, I kept them on to finish off cleaning the kitchen and bathroom adding two sets of Ben wa balls just to make sure my day off didn't get at all boring. With one set in my ass and the other making me wet as hell sitting still wasn't high on my list of priorities. Tomorrow I think I'll give that nice big butt plug some time, working shifts has the advantage of getting days off to myself.

I definetly think I'm going to use the pear on the next cover, at least that's one claim to authenticity I have. I'm not resorting to airbrushed nudes, the gear on my covers had seen real action.

I'm contemplating exploring some pet girls in book 16 heavy on the body mod perhaps? I'm aware that my writing borders a bit too much on horror but if I'm honest I'm writing what turns me on so I guess I'm just a sick fuck.

The boss and I watched a documentary on masking the other night, he's got a trunk with masking gear in but he's sort of gone off it, now he knows he can order me to suck cock whenever he likes. Guess it was more a thing for his bachelor days. I've never really deviated from my kink path, right from an early age I can remember being aroused by tightly tucked sheets and have a very vivid memory of seeing a picture in a comic while at the dr's which stuck in my mind. I was only about five and in this comic a bad guy was cocooned by a giant spider. I can remember not bring able to think about anything for days. The image combined with the fact I loved going to the dr made for a powerful cocktail and of course I'm of the age when that iconic Hawaii 50, isolation tank scene was about, how many thousand of us have that to thank for some early fetish imprinting. Wasn't till I married the boss that I was able to act on my urges with any kind of success. Before it was all hidden books and a desperately unsuccessful sex life with a first husband who preferred banging away monotonously for hours rather than any thing extreme or subversive. I can remember a friend complaining when I was a kid that all I wanted to do was play games that involved people being tied up, I think in retrospect she had a point.

Ok I have to wait for a delivery tomorrow so I can't get too caught up playing, or at least can't do anything that would be obvious or incapacitate me so maybe I'll be able to knuckle down and finally get 16 out.

I'm toying with the idea of getting a bardex style enema nozzle, I want to play around with retention. I really should start putting my book money away for a rainy day or at least do something useful with it but it's a bit of a catch 22. I like writing stories that make me horny, I get horny so I buy more bondage gear, I get more gear I want to play more, if I can't play I write and when I write I get horny and round it goes again. The boss of course is more than happy for me to spend the money on what I want because he reaps the benefits of all this catch 22 need!! I mean I'm not going to be able to retire any time soon on my book money but it's been a real boon for my sex life! I'm a dirty bitch and should be ashamed. My work colleagues sit around worrying about there career prospects while I daydream about being fucked hard in the ass while tied to a bench, I have less wrinkles than they do, so I must be doing something right xx

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