Saturday, 14 December 2013

Well, last night I watched a film which had woman blogging in it, so now I feel bad for making this such a piss poor effort but I'm so stuck for time to do this justice. Massively weird week, the cold hung on until Wednesday which made getting my shit together near impossible, so by Thursday when I had a tricky meeting coming up (my own fault for winding some one up!) I was a wreck. The fact that I've got another serial returner getting busy pulled my mood down lower (sales in the pan, always are in December). Then suddenly at about midday Thursday it was like the sun came out! The ass I wasn't looking forward to seeing at the meeting bottled out (making himself look bad) I got stuck into writing story 16 and to my absolute joy I got a lovely review on good reads and it was from some one I very genuinely respect so it's beyond awesome. They very rightly pointed out my spelling and grammar issues. I can't deny them, they annoy me too but life is still getting in my way of my re editing, believe me when I say I know how buggy my stories are and I could not be sorrier!

My kind reviewer called my work "Pure food for the ID" How cool is that, I don't like emoticons and all that smiley shit but if I did right about now there would be a whole page of the damn things!!

A glut of post arrived at work this week including my new blindfold and a butt plug to adore. Thick and heavy, solid metal, it's not something you could ignore or get used too in a hurry and I can't wait till I've got a few minutes to myself to test it out. I always like to test gear on my own before putting it into the toy collection it's no time to find you can't take something mid game and you too gagged to be able to say anything!!! Learnt that the hard way.

I keep checking to see if my boss has sent me my instructions for our week long game after Xmas but the buggers making me wait, he's doing it on purpose.

I might take my new butt plug to work on Sunday, with the office to myself I can slip out and slide it in. I like having a little secret to myself, sitting at reception with an ass full of steel, my ring distended and aching, with no one visiting any the wiser.

This is my new bad boy! weighs a ton, I honestly think you could kill some one if you hit them on the head with it! .

I've been stocking up on bits and bobs  for the game, all the incidentals like wipes and lube. I like the build up, knowing why I'm buying these little things gives me little thrills!

The boss asked about this blog for the first time the other day, he says he's proud of my writing which is nice but he made a comment about deciding how I should "expose" myself on here so I have a feeling things might get a bit graphic during the game. After 17 years together I know how his mind works so I've got a pretty good idea what's coming.

I am now going to obsess about fucking myself in the ass with a big old lump of corkscrew shaped steel while waiting for my boss to give me instructions about exactly how he wants me to degrade myself and submit to him for a week, life is good people, oh and there's Christmas happening too!!

A pet hate of mine are scenes dressed up with tinsel to look "christmasy" so here's some pure Id food completely free of any trimmings!!!

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