Sunday, 1 December 2013

Well the gear situation has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous!!! The death of an aged relative has meant spending large amounts of time with family, so believe it or not we haven't had time to even unpack my lovely lovely spanking bench. There was a delay in receiving it (not the sellers fault!) but no matter how eager and believe me I have been seriously desperate to play with it, the Boss and I just haven't been together enough to use it. This unrequited need to be abused has however lead to a great deal of good hard fucking. Which has resulted in a knackered bed base, the obsessive purchasing of new toys (thank you royalties and a rebate from eon, for giving me cash to splash) and a generally loved up feeling (loved up, horny, same thing).

So the plan is, the week I've got off work after Christmas is going to be devoted to us being The Boss and Fb. I've got all of this lot being delivered.........

I really hope this is as heavy as it looks!!

OMG THIS IS BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!! Bye bye knackered divan!!!

I do like my cuffs to look good don't you?

Just the thought of the potential for suffering with this little fucker is getting me going,

and combining them with these could make for a very long afternoon (I hope).

Basically, to compensate for all the times in the last few months that life has got in the way of us being seriously perverted, once Christmas is over and done with, the Boss is going to lock me in the house for a week, tie me up, hurt mean and use me.......I can not wait, neither can he judging by the grabbing and grinning going on. I've been warned new rules of behaviour are coming my way??

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