Saturday, 28 December 2013

Well, Christmas was a bit chaotic, not bad chaotic but I ended up being at work far more than planned. A colleague went off sick so I stayed on to plug gaps. I have therefore "gifted" myself a couple of days extra leave. If everyone budges up one on the rota they won't miss me, the place is dead so my "sprained" limb won't cause them any grief. Plus I don't intend leaving the house for the next week so I won't be seeing any one who can ask questions about my health!

The doctor said to bandage it up and get some rest!

Because of the Christmas chaos I didn't get a chance to present The Boss with his 'extra' gift, so tomorrow night I'll present him with a box of items and contracts which will help ensure our week is awesome. It may sound weird being so formal about what happens, after all we're both more than capable of spontaneous kink but we both have lazy streaks and if we're going to make the most of having a week free to play with each other, we've discovered it's best to build in a bit of structure, plus as I've said before it builds up the anticipation and adds to the Fb, Boss personas!

My first husband once called me frigid, oh how I'd love to call him now and tell him that me and my current husband take weeks off work just to have kinky sex!! but anyway I digress.

My wifely duty!

I've given myself the deadline of 8pm Sunday evening to hand over the box. That means I have just over 24hrs to be very sure about what I'm agreeing to do. Things that seem like great fun in the imagination can soon wear thin in reality and once we've both agreed to how the games going to play out there is absolutely no going back.

From the moment I wake up Tuesday till last thing Saturday I'm going to be his sex toy, so I've got work to do making sure everything is ready, it's kind of scary but good scary. I'm about to give him near carte blanche to abuse me and I can't wait.

As part of my Boss's orders for me to humiliate and expose myself in this blog as soon as the box is in his hand I'll tell you what I've let myself in for (at the moment I keep changing my mind about where my boundaries are, they tend to be pretty elastic at the best of times).

Apologies for the rambly nature of this post, I'm tired, no excuse, I know but winding down from work last night involved a few vodka shots and I couldn't resist watching secretary on film 4 far too late, I'm a sucker for that film!

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