Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tuesdays are my evening to myself. Ever since the Boss and I have been together it's been his sport night with his friends so it's my night to have the house to myself. Working shifts mean I get some days to myself but  there's something about evenings that are just more chilled. After a nice deep clean

I tried out my new butt plug and the pear. The butt plug is perfection, stretching as it went in then sitting deep inside nice and heavy. The pear fit nicely but it's tough to get it too open once it's in place but that's not to say that it doesn't feel good, just like the plug it's beautifully heavy. Comfortable but impossible to ignore, every time I moved it pulled and rubbed, giving me that good ache that comes from something forced deep inside.

16's progressing nicely, I'm tempted to put a message in for the person who's reading and returning each book in turn but don't want to come across as a writer behaving badly. It's not that I mind too much about the money, after all the book money is just enough to buy new sex toys and gear, it's the disappointment at losing a sale, seeing the numbers go up then down. I enjoy writing and each sale feels good. It's sad to have that nice feeling taken away, ah well ce la ve!

I've written a woman into a cage in Steinmetz clinic but she's suffering much worse than this young woman, taped mouth and stitched eyelids to be precise!

This caught my eye, hmmm, it's got me thinking????

Just 12 days to go until it's game on and get to be my Boss's full time cum slut ........!!!

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