Thursday, 19 December 2013

This was in my inbox from The Boss:

Dear Customer Service Team,
Thank you for the opportunity to trial Your Fb Peaches fuck toy, between Dec 31st and Jan 4th. My pre-delivery requirements are as follows-
The toy should be thoroughly depilated in preparation for wearing rubber; light, full make up should be applied including lipstick; the finger and toenails should be lacquered red and hair is to be worn in two braids to enable the wearing of various hoods or gags. No jewellery need be included save for a lip piercing. As I intend my test to be a rigorous one all orifices are to be available including the anus.
In terms of behaviour the toy should address me as Sir or Boss, the toy is to be respectful and deferential at all times. I expect to be greeted by my toy kneeling before me and to kiss my member as a matter of course. Eye contact without permission is strictly prohibited and all actions will require my permission. As punishment will be at my discretion the toy should be prepared for restriction and spanking.
I look forward with some anticipation to delivery of the sex toy and you may rest assured that I will undertake to perform a most stringent examination.
As part of this trial Fb will be expected to describe to readers of her blog in detail, exactly what has occoured and how it felt to prove just what a dirty, degraded, cock sucking slut she is.
The Boss.

Roll on the week after Christmas, we are going to have soooo much fun. I'm going to be his sextoy he's going to be my owner and I'm going to have to tell you all about it!! I'm going to be locked in the house and made to do whatever HE wants. BLISS!!!!!

Amused myself writing about surgical tape again today, must get some for the toy box!!!

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