Sunday, 29 December 2013

Okay, I'm about to seal the box. 

(A bad photo of a black box containing, anal lube, latex gloves, condoms for ass fucking, a slave contract and rules for a week of sex slave ownership)

Once it's closed I can't go back on anything! at 8pm (in two hours) I will present him with it and from that point on I will be obligated to give myself over to being his sex slave, from first thing Tuesday until late Saturday. Each morning he will leave me with a set of orders which I must obey by a deadline. If I don't obey I will be punished and he will only release me from his orders if I satisfy him, in anyway he chooses.

My days will be spent as a sex slave, I'm giving myself to The Boss, part of me is scared stiff because he knows how to make me serve and won't give a second thought to the cost.

Tomorrow is prep day, I have to get all the toys ready so anything he wants to use on me is waiting and to hand. I will also have to physically prepare, The Boss likes me shaved and made up with red nails, if my hair ain't right he will punish me.

He's had to wait a long time to play full time like this and I know he's going to make sure I feel every ounce of his frustration. I've signed a contract and there's no backsies .......

I am property

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