Monday, 16 December 2013

My life is full of frustration right now, I didn't think my new toy would arrive until after Christmas but it arrived today, which is totally awesome and means I can include it in the big game but and isn't there always a bloody but!!! Mother nature means it's out of bounds to try for the next couple of days

Oh my god it is soooo beautiful
and here's the butt plug I mentioned before

Told you it was heavy enough to brain some one!!

I love the thought that my boss will be able to lock the pear into me, attach a leash and lead me around by my cunt or secure me so I have to stay where I'm put 'sigh'. I will be such a piece of property, owned and objectified. Not long now, first day of the game will be December 31st.

I'm still waiting for the Boss's orders, he keeps laughing to himself so I know he's going to make my life difficult. The game is going to be a week of sexual hell for me, he has a sadistic streak and he's had to wait waaay too long to let it run free!!

I had the office to myself today and got a fair bit of writing done, I stitched a criminals face up

and I keep thinking about water.....

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