Monday, 23 December 2013

Last day off before Christmas, so I've been getting all the odd jobs done, cooking, bottling up, cleaning etc. I don't mind working over Christmas but it does mean if you want all the bells and whistles you have to be organised. The Boss and I aren't sticklers for tradition so we just fill the kitchen with goodies and then it's help yourself. I always offer to cook a traditional dinner but he says he'd rather spend time with me than banish me to the kitchen, which is nice, I'll forever be grateful that domestic servitude isn't on his list of wants in a wife. We're fitting my folks in Christmas eve, it's a long story but my parents are best in small doses! We're selfish on Christmas day, my folks are complicated and his family are dull so we make it just us and over indulge!

Anyway, the upside to being busy today was the fact that I did it all whilst wearing my lovely new butt plug!! It felt soo nice, pushing it into place, the slight sting as the wide part slid past my ring, then the constant feeling of pressure holding it wide. It literally kept me on my toes because sitting down soon became uncomfortable. Knowing the Boss and his taste for fucking me in the ass I need to start a regime of stretching and cleaning, that way when the game starts I can be in control and make sure it's always ready for him to use.

Okay, I admit I like the feeling of inflicting this kind of regime on myself, it adds to the anticipation and feeling of submission. As each bit of my day is slowly consumed by these kind of thing, so is my identity. The spanking bench is also a big reminder of things to come, every time I walk past the dining room I can see it, set up in the middle of the room!

No writing done yet today but maybe I'll have time this evening, I'm avoiding looking at my sales for this month, my serial returner is continuing to make their way through the entire series. I can see you, somewhere in the uk getting your jollies from each book in turn then returning them, cheers dude luv u too!!

Ah well, no point moaning. Something dawned on me yesterday, I can understand not selling in countries where English isn't the first language but I've never sold anything in Australia. I guess I need to do some marketing there but I always fuck it up, something to think about in the new year maybe.

Just a couple of days till Christmas, 7 days till the game, can't wait!!!

I think Steinmetz is a bit crazy, in my head he's starting to obsess about owning a mermaid

I'm also toying with the idea of him making animals not just dolls......

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