Friday, 20 December 2013

Kind of a an end of term vibe at work today. As from Monday we'll be running a skeleton staff, until about Jan 6th. No point having a full compliment of staff with only half of the clients about. My manager knew damn well I was writing not working this afternoon but she was busy printing off Santa letters for her grand children so she didn't care. Using my ipod to write is really handy because no one can see what I'm writing. Every time I typed the word anal it gave me a little thrill, knowing my colleagues were totally oblivious!

It's just occurred to me that I've never really explained the dynamic with me and my other half or how we express our kinky side, so in retrospect, apart from the fact that most of my posts on here have been pretty crap anyway, most don't make any sense without some background.

The Boss is my husband, we've been together 17 years. My need for bondage has been a constant in my life whilst his dark side has taken developing. We don't have or want kids, so lead a slightly alternative life in a provincial bit of the UK.

Because we have jobs, interests and lives, we've created a way of expressing our darker needs that means, for short periods at least, we can immerse ourselves in it totally and blot out the real world. Rather than go on holidays or travel, any time off we have together we lock ourselves away and 'play'. Not that our perversity doesn't leak out, I wear a permanent collar and ankle cuff. I have The Boss's mark tattooed on my neck and sex during the everyday sure as hell isn't vanilla but it's during these 'games' that we truly become "The Boss" who owns "Fb".

Once we've decided on dates for a game, we send it each other emails, letters and contracts, which mean we can tell each other what we want to happen without long dull explanations and discussions which are no fun. Also it adds to the thrill and anticipation, getting a letter or email out of the blue from some one you fancy like mad telling you they want nothing more than to tie you up and fuck you in the ass hard is very cool (well to me it is!!).

We've got time off together after Christmas which I will spend locked in the house being his sex slave, I sent him a letter basically saying "game on", he replied with an email saying "damn right and this is what I want you doing". Next step will be a set of rules for us both to follow, then, when it's time for the game to start we can just jump right in to being "The Boss and his sex toy Fb".

I'm sure there are some hardcore bondage freaks and S&M experts who'd laugh at our style but it works for us! We're into each other and that's all that matters.

I love my Boss, I love it when he hurts me,

 I love it when he ties me up, gags me and uses me.

I'm need to be careful that I don't overplay certain themes in this story, a lot of stuff being forced down throats!! I'm never sure if writing these stories makes me hornier or gets shit out of my system? Maybe it's all the daydreaming I'm doing about sucking The Boss's cock that keeps making me write about choking and throats?? Who know's!

I'm starting to enjoy this blogging thing but not sure how it's going to feel following the The Boss's orders to use it as a way to degrade myself during the next game. The games ten days away and I'm already permanently wet, I'm going to be mush by then!!!

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