Saturday, 21 December 2013

Got some wrapping done today, gifts for family etc. Now I've just got one thing left to wrap and that's something a bit different for The Boss. He's visiting his mum tomorrow so while he's out of the house I can get busy.

On Christmas day he's going to get a box containing a can of silicone spray, a tube of anal lube, a set of padlocks, a set of rules for each of us and a basic outline of how the game will play out. As you know the Boss has emailed me a basic set of demands but I know him, it won't end there. He plays it cool but as soon as he gets his head into the fact that the games started he's going to get demanding, he knows what he wants from a sex slave and he's perfectly confident about getting it.

In everyday life you couldn't meet a more mellow guy (not unlike Leonard in big bang theory, really!) but once he's got permission to let his darkside out to play it's whole different matter. If you asked any of our friends who they'd think would be the dom, I'd put money on the fact they'd say me but we really are proof not to judge books by their covers (I am more than just a little bit Sheldon!).

No writing done today but seeing as I got some practical work done today I'll have plenty of time tomorrow and probably a hangover, we're going out to pub later for a drink with friends.

Caught up with this weeks porn downloads last night. Not sure if I'm just getting jaded but it all seems a bit samey, same positions, same equipment nothing really inventive or different. I'm probably spoilt, after Insex most things are going to seem a bit 'meh'

LOTS of this going on!

and this

okay to watch once but doesn't bear much repition, it's just screaming and pounding

A bit more of this kind of thing creativity would be nice

9 days to the game, 4 days till Christmas and one feels much more important than the other!

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