Tuesday, 31 December 2013

At precisely one minute past midnight last night The Boss announced that as I was now officially his property, he was putting a total ban on any form self pleasure, I'm banned from touching myself, anywhere. My own body is out of bounds. Any sexual pleasure is only to be given by him, Saturday suddenly feels a long way off. I'm going to spend my whole time rubbing up against him hoping he plays with me!! This of course means I also only get to cum when he makes me. He made the rule a long time ago, that says I'm only given oral when tied up (that rule is a fucker because he's good), so I know he'll make me wait for that but knowing The Boss he'll make me suffer!

A.m The Boss went out early, leaving me instructions stating that I had to be gagged and blindfolded, with hands secured behind my back by his return at 2pm.

At about 10am Just as I was getting my cuffs on The Boss returned, change of plans. He was coming back to bed and wanted company. Hands cuffed behind my back, ankles together. I was company for two hours.

Allowed a bit of freedom, now the 2pm deadline is coming up so I have to be ready as ordered!

The gear waiting for me to put on, he added the nipple toys to the mix this does not bode well.

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