Tuesday, 31 December 2013

At precisely one minute past midnight last night The Boss announced that as I was now officially his property, he was putting a total ban on any form self pleasure, I'm banned from touching myself, anywhere. My own body is out of bounds. Any sexual pleasure is only to be given by him, Saturday suddenly feels a long way off. I'm going to spend my whole time rubbing up against him hoping he plays with me!! This of course means I also only get to cum when he makes me. He made the rule a long time ago, that says I'm only given oral when tied up (that rule is a fucker because he's good), so I know he'll make me wait for that but knowing The Boss he'll make me suffer!

A.m The Boss went out early, leaving me instructions stating that I had to be gagged and blindfolded, with hands secured behind my back by his return at 2pm.

At about 10am Just as I was getting my cuffs on The Boss returned, change of plans. He was coming back to bed and wanted company. Hands cuffed behind my back, ankles together. I was company for two hours.

Allowed a bit of freedom, now the 2pm deadline is coming up so I have to be ready as ordered!

The gear waiting for me to put on, he added the nipple toys to the mix this does not bode well.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Okay, so I'm guessing by the way The Boss flipped be on my belly an fucked me like a whore last night that he's more than ready for the game. He made me stay on all fours for half an before I was allowed to go clean up, he's got his game head on alright!

I've been horribly lazy today, I've got nothing sorted so tomorrow I'm going to have to work like crazy to make sure everything's just the way he wants it and he is a seriously picky fucker hen he's into being The Boss.

My only excuse it that I at least got some writing done today, I turned a girl into a cock sucking dolly. poor girl!!

I gave her cute little mittens and a big open mouth, she's a poor little rubber bunny now I've done with her.

I need too decide where to go next?

Well, wherever the story goes I won't be far behind

12 hours till I begin my sentence

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Okay, I'm about to seal the box. 

(A bad photo of a black box containing, anal lube, latex gloves, condoms for ass fucking, a slave contract and rules for a week of sex slave ownership)

Once it's closed I can't go back on anything! at 8pm (in two hours) I will present him with it and from that point on I will be obligated to give myself over to being his sex slave, from first thing Tuesday until late Saturday. Each morning he will leave me with a set of orders which I must obey by a deadline. If I don't obey I will be punished and he will only release me from his orders if I satisfy him, in anyway he chooses.

My days will be spent as a sex slave, I'm giving myself to The Boss, part of me is scared stiff because he knows how to make me serve and won't give a second thought to the cost.

Tomorrow is prep day, I have to get all the toys ready so anything he wants to use on me is waiting and to hand. I will also have to physically prepare, The Boss likes me shaved and made up with red nails, if my hair ain't right he will punish me.

He's had to wait a long time to play full time like this and I know he's going to make sure I feel every ounce of his frustration. I've signed a contract and there's no backsies .......

I am property

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Well, Christmas was a bit chaotic, not bad chaotic but I ended up being at work far more than planned. A colleague went off sick so I stayed on to plug gaps. I have therefore "gifted" myself a couple of days extra leave. If everyone budges up one on the rota they won't miss me, the place is dead so my "sprained" limb won't cause them any grief. Plus I don't intend leaving the house for the next week so I won't be seeing any one who can ask questions about my health!

The doctor said to bandage it up and get some rest!

Because of the Christmas chaos I didn't get a chance to present The Boss with his 'extra' gift, so tomorrow night I'll present him with a box of items and contracts which will help ensure our week is awesome. It may sound weird being so formal about what happens, after all we're both more than capable of spontaneous kink but we both have lazy streaks and if we're going to make the most of having a week free to play with each other, we've discovered it's best to build in a bit of structure, plus as I've said before it builds up the anticipation and adds to the Fb, Boss personas!

My first husband once called me frigid, oh how I'd love to call him now and tell him that me and my current husband take weeks off work just to have kinky sex!! but anyway I digress.

My wifely duty!

I've given myself the deadline of 8pm Sunday evening to hand over the box. That means I have just over 24hrs to be very sure about what I'm agreeing to do. Things that seem like great fun in the imagination can soon wear thin in reality and once we've both agreed to how the games going to play out there is absolutely no going back.

From the moment I wake up Tuesday till last thing Saturday I'm going to be his sex toy, so I've got work to do making sure everything is ready, it's kind of scary but good scary. I'm about to give him near carte blanche to abuse me and I can't wait.

As part of my Boss's orders for me to humiliate and expose myself in this blog as soon as the box is in his hand I'll tell you what I've let myself in for (at the moment I keep changing my mind about where my boundaries are, they tend to be pretty elastic at the best of times).

Apologies for the rambly nature of this post, I'm tired, no excuse, I know but winding down from work last night involved a few vodka shots and I couldn't resist watching secretary on film 4 far too late, I'm a sucker for that film!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Last day off before Christmas, so I've been getting all the odd jobs done, cooking, bottling up, cleaning etc. I don't mind working over Christmas but it does mean if you want all the bells and whistles you have to be organised. The Boss and I aren't sticklers for tradition so we just fill the kitchen with goodies and then it's help yourself. I always offer to cook a traditional dinner but he says he'd rather spend time with me than banish me to the kitchen, which is nice, I'll forever be grateful that domestic servitude isn't on his list of wants in a wife. We're fitting my folks in Christmas eve, it's a long story but my parents are best in small doses! We're selfish on Christmas day, my folks are complicated and his family are dull so we make it just us and over indulge!

Anyway, the upside to being busy today was the fact that I did it all whilst wearing my lovely new butt plug!! It felt soo nice, pushing it into place, the slight sting as the wide part slid past my ring, then the constant feeling of pressure holding it wide. It literally kept me on my toes because sitting down soon became uncomfortable. Knowing the Boss and his taste for fucking me in the ass I need to start a regime of stretching and cleaning, that way when the game starts I can be in control and make sure it's always ready for him to use.

Okay, I admit I like the feeling of inflicting this kind of regime on myself, it adds to the anticipation and feeling of submission. As each bit of my day is slowly consumed by these kind of thing, so is my identity. The spanking bench is also a big reminder of things to come, every time I walk past the dining room I can see it, set up in the middle of the room!

No writing done yet today but maybe I'll have time this evening, I'm avoiding looking at my sales for this month, my serial returner is continuing to make their way through the entire series. I can see you, somewhere in the uk getting your jollies from each book in turn then returning them, cheers dude luv u too!!

Ah well, no point moaning. Something dawned on me yesterday, I can understand not selling in countries where English isn't the first language but I've never sold anything in Australia. I guess I need to do some marketing there but I always fuck it up, something to think about in the new year maybe.

Just a couple of days till Christmas, 7 days till the game, can't wait!!!

I think Steinmetz is a bit crazy, in my head he's starting to obsess about owning a mermaid

I'm also toying with the idea of him making animals not just dolls......

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Got some wrapping done today, gifts for family etc. Now I've just got one thing left to wrap and that's something a bit different for The Boss. He's visiting his mum tomorrow so while he's out of the house I can get busy.

On Christmas day he's going to get a box containing a can of silicone spray, a tube of anal lube, a set of padlocks, a set of rules for each of us and a basic outline of how the game will play out. As you know the Boss has emailed me a basic set of demands but I know him, it won't end there. He plays it cool but as soon as he gets his head into the fact that the games started he's going to get demanding, he knows what he wants from a sex slave and he's perfectly confident about getting it.

In everyday life you couldn't meet a more mellow guy (not unlike Leonard in big bang theory, really!) but once he's got permission to let his darkside out to play it's whole different matter. If you asked any of our friends who they'd think would be the dom, I'd put money on the fact they'd say me but we really are proof not to judge books by their covers (I am more than just a little bit Sheldon!).

No writing done today but seeing as I got some practical work done today I'll have plenty of time tomorrow and probably a hangover, we're going out to pub later for a drink with friends.

Caught up with this weeks porn downloads last night. Not sure if I'm just getting jaded but it all seems a bit samey, same positions, same equipment nothing really inventive or different. I'm probably spoilt, after Insex most things are going to seem a bit 'meh'

LOTS of this going on!

and this

okay to watch once but doesn't bear much repition, it's just screaming and pounding

A bit more of this kind of thing creativity would be nice

9 days to the game, 4 days till Christmas and one feels much more important than the other!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Kind of a an end of term vibe at work today. As from Monday we'll be running a skeleton staff, until about Jan 6th. No point having a full compliment of staff with only half of the clients about. My manager knew damn well I was writing not working this afternoon but she was busy printing off Santa letters for her grand children so she didn't care. Using my ipod to write is really handy because no one can see what I'm writing. Every time I typed the word anal it gave me a little thrill, knowing my colleagues were totally oblivious!

It's just occurred to me that I've never really explained the dynamic with me and my other half or how we express our kinky side, so in retrospect, apart from the fact that most of my posts on here have been pretty crap anyway, most don't make any sense without some background.

The Boss is my husband, we've been together 17 years. My need for bondage has been a constant in my life whilst his dark side has taken developing. We don't have or want kids, so lead a slightly alternative life in a provincial bit of the UK.

Because we have jobs, interests and lives, we've created a way of expressing our darker needs that means, for short periods at least, we can immerse ourselves in it totally and blot out the real world. Rather than go on holidays or travel, any time off we have together we lock ourselves away and 'play'. Not that our perversity doesn't leak out, I wear a permanent collar and ankle cuff. I have The Boss's mark tattooed on my neck and sex during the everyday sure as hell isn't vanilla but it's during these 'games' that we truly become "The Boss" who owns "Fb".

Once we've decided on dates for a game, we send it each other emails, letters and contracts, which mean we can tell each other what we want to happen without long dull explanations and discussions which are no fun. Also it adds to the thrill and anticipation, getting a letter or email out of the blue from some one you fancy like mad telling you they want nothing more than to tie you up and fuck you in the ass hard is very cool (well to me it is!!).

We've got time off together after Christmas which I will spend locked in the house being his sex slave, I sent him a letter basically saying "game on", he replied with an email saying "damn right and this is what I want you doing". Next step will be a set of rules for us both to follow, then, when it's time for the game to start we can just jump right in to being "The Boss and his sex toy Fb".

I'm sure there are some hardcore bondage freaks and S&M experts who'd laugh at our style but it works for us! We're into each other and that's all that matters.

I love my Boss, I love it when he hurts me,

 I love it when he ties me up, gags me and uses me.

I'm need to be careful that I don't overplay certain themes in this story, a lot of stuff being forced down throats!! I'm never sure if writing these stories makes me hornier or gets shit out of my system? Maybe it's all the daydreaming I'm doing about sucking The Boss's cock that keeps making me write about choking and throats?? Who know's!

I'm starting to enjoy this blogging thing but not sure how it's going to feel following the The Boss's orders to use it as a way to degrade myself during the next game. The games ten days away and I'm already permanently wet, I'm going to be mush by then!!!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

This was in my inbox from The Boss:

Dear Customer Service Team,
Thank you for the opportunity to trial Your Fb Peaches fuck toy, between Dec 31st and Jan 4th. My pre-delivery requirements are as follows-
The toy should be thoroughly depilated in preparation for wearing rubber; light, full make up should be applied including lipstick; the finger and toenails should be lacquered red and hair is to be worn in two braids to enable the wearing of various hoods or gags. No jewellery need be included save for a lip piercing. As I intend my test to be a rigorous one all orifices are to be available including the anus.
In terms of behaviour the toy should address me as Sir or Boss, the toy is to be respectful and deferential at all times. I expect to be greeted by my toy kneeling before me and to kiss my member as a matter of course. Eye contact without permission is strictly prohibited and all actions will require my permission. As punishment will be at my discretion the toy should be prepared for restriction and spanking.
I look forward with some anticipation to delivery of the sex toy and you may rest assured that I will undertake to perform a most stringent examination.
As part of this trial Fb will be expected to describe to readers of her blog in detail, exactly what has occoured and how it felt to prove just what a dirty, degraded, cock sucking slut she is.
The Boss.

Roll on the week after Christmas, we are going to have soooo much fun. I'm going to be his sextoy he's going to be my owner and I'm going to have to tell you all about it!! I'm going to be locked in the house and made to do whatever HE wants. BLISS!!!!!

Amused myself writing about surgical tape again today, must get some for the toy box!!!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tuesdays are my evening to myself. Ever since the Boss and I have been together it's been his sport night with his friends so it's my night to have the house to myself. Working shifts mean I get some days to myself but  there's something about evenings that are just more chilled. After a nice deep clean

I tried out my new butt plug and the pear. The butt plug is perfection, stretching as it went in then sitting deep inside nice and heavy. The pear fit nicely but it's tough to get it too open once it's in place but that's not to say that it doesn't feel good, just like the plug it's beautifully heavy. Comfortable but impossible to ignore, every time I moved it pulled and rubbed, giving me that good ache that comes from something forced deep inside.

16's progressing nicely, I'm tempted to put a message in for the person who's reading and returning each book in turn but don't want to come across as a writer behaving badly. It's not that I mind too much about the money, after all the book money is just enough to buy new sex toys and gear, it's the disappointment at losing a sale, seeing the numbers go up then down. I enjoy writing and each sale feels good. It's sad to have that nice feeling taken away, ah well ce la ve!

I've written a woman into a cage in Steinmetz clinic but she's suffering much worse than this young woman, taped mouth and stitched eyelids to be precise!

This caught my eye, hmmm, it's got me thinking????

Just 12 days to go until it's game on and get to be my Boss's full time cum slut ........!!!

Monday, 16 December 2013

My life is full of frustration right now, I didn't think my new toy would arrive until after Christmas but it arrived today, which is totally awesome and means I can include it in the big game but and isn't there always a bloody but!!! Mother nature means it's out of bounds to try for the next couple of days

Oh my god it is soooo beautiful
and here's the butt plug I mentioned before

Told you it was heavy enough to brain some one!!

I love the thought that my boss will be able to lock the pear into me, attach a leash and lead me around by my cunt or secure me so I have to stay where I'm put 'sigh'. I will be such a piece of property, owned and objectified. Not long now, first day of the game will be December 31st.

I'm still waiting for the Boss's orders, he keeps laughing to himself so I know he's going to make my life difficult. The game is going to be a week of sexual hell for me, he has a sadistic streak and he's had to wait waaay too long to let it run free!!

I had the office to myself today and got a fair bit of writing done, I stitched a criminals face up

and I keep thinking about water.....

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Well, last night I watched a film which had woman blogging in it, so now I feel bad for making this such a piss poor effort but I'm so stuck for time to do this justice. Massively weird week, the cold hung on until Wednesday which made getting my shit together near impossible, so by Thursday when I had a tricky meeting coming up (my own fault for winding some one up!) I was a wreck. The fact that I've got another serial returner getting busy pulled my mood down lower (sales in the pan, always are in December). Then suddenly at about midday Thursday it was like the sun came out! The ass I wasn't looking forward to seeing at the meeting bottled out (making himself look bad) I got stuck into writing story 16 and to my absolute joy I got a lovely review on good reads and it was from some one I very genuinely respect so it's beyond awesome. They very rightly pointed out my spelling and grammar issues. I can't deny them, they annoy me too but life is still getting in my way of my re editing, believe me when I say I know how buggy my stories are and I could not be sorrier!

My kind reviewer called my work "Pure food for the ID" How cool is that, I don't like emoticons and all that smiley shit but if I did right about now there would be a whole page of the damn things!!

A glut of post arrived at work this week including my new blindfold and a butt plug to adore. Thick and heavy, solid metal, it's not something you could ignore or get used too in a hurry and I can't wait till I've got a few minutes to myself to test it out. I always like to test gear on my own before putting it into the toy collection it's no time to find you can't take something mid game and you too gagged to be able to say anything!!! Learnt that the hard way.

I keep checking to see if my boss has sent me my instructions for our week long game after Xmas but the buggers making me wait, he's doing it on purpose.

I might take my new butt plug to work on Sunday, with the office to myself I can slip out and slide it in. I like having a little secret to myself, sitting at reception with an ass full of steel, my ring distended and aching, with no one visiting any the wiser.

This is my new bad boy! weighs a ton, I honestly think you could kill some one if you hit them on the head with it! .

I've been stocking up on bits and bobs  for the game, all the incidentals like wipes and lube. I like the build up, knowing why I'm buying these little things gives me little thrills!

The boss asked about this blog for the first time the other day, he says he's proud of my writing which is nice but he made a comment about deciding how I should "expose" myself on here so I have a feeling things might get a bit graphic during the game. After 17 years together I know how his mind works so I've got a pretty good idea what's coming.

I am now going to obsess about fucking myself in the ass with a big old lump of corkscrew shaped steel while waiting for my boss to give me instructions about exactly how he wants me to degrade myself and submit to him for a week, life is good people, oh and there's Christmas happening too!!

A pet hate of mine are scenes dressed up with tinsel to look "christmasy" so here's some pure Id food completely free of any trimmings!!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It's time to start the build up for my week off after Christmas, I intend to spend it doing one thing and one thing only. Today I leave the Boss a little note

"Dear Boss,
Congratulations on signing up for a free trial of the Fb peaches sex toy. From December 31st up to and including Jan 4th you will have exclusive and absolute control of your own Fb. Shortly our delivery team will be sending you a full set of instructions on how to get the very best from your Fb. Then, all you will have to do is commit to playing along for a very dirty time indeed.
You have until December 20th to email our customer services department with any wishes or special requests you want fulfilled during your trial period, these can relate too:
How you wish your Fb to dress (including details about hair, nails etc).
How you wish your Fb to address you.
How you wish your Fb to behave.
Anything you wish to ban or forbid your Fb from doing.
We suggest that you email your wishes whilst under the influence of alcohol and having watched a significant amount of pornography; this should ensure your inhibitions are sufficiently lowered and you let your dark side come out to play. The more outrageous the better!

Yours sincerely
Fb Peaches sex toys ltd"

I look forward to his reply,

 Special delivery for my Boss!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

It's a fucking conspiracy! Got a weekend off together a perfect opportunity for some serious kinkyness and what happens, we've both got absolutely stinking fucking colds!!! I'm happy to admit we're not one of those couples who live an all absorbing S&M lifestyle 24/7, we don't have the cash, time or quite frankly the inclination because too much of a good thing can quickly take the fun out of it but it would be nice if life played along occasionally and let us play when we want too!!

Don't get me wrong we don't just wheel the kinky out every now and then, it forms a kind of background noise to everyday life. For example my collars permanent, our gear isn't hidden away and The Boss is pretty good at making sure I know he owns my ass but there's more too both of us and with the best will in the world even the most heavy duty pervert is not going to get busy with the gags and rubber when your nose is dripping, you can't stop coughing and falling asleep mid fuck is a very real possibility.

No wonder no one reads this bloody blog, I should lie through my teeth and claim we're at it like rabbits.

The cold has buggered up my coordination and concentration so although the latest instalment of the Brethren story is bouncing around in my head getting it typed just hasn't happening, this in turn means an even greater level of frustration!!!!!

So in effect life is on hold until my head clears, then I'm going to write like crazy and spend my spare time making plans for the week I've got off over new year when we're going to behave very very badly!!!

I need to decide what it is that's made Joseph squeal like a girl.......

and then it's on to the clinic.....or should I say laboratory?

Like this concept but it's a bit too jolly, needs a darker edge.....

Better but not sure she should be allowed eyes and fingers!!!

I've decided it's time James gets to see the good Dr's liquid latex tanks, breath play from the inside out, a full or mutilated body can be it's own restraint!

Now I need soup and tissues, eurgh!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Well the gear situation has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous!!! The death of an aged relative has meant spending large amounts of time with family, so believe it or not we haven't had time to even unpack my lovely lovely spanking bench. There was a delay in receiving it (not the sellers fault!) but no matter how eager and believe me I have been seriously desperate to play with it, the Boss and I just haven't been together enough to use it. This unrequited need to be abused has however lead to a great deal of good hard fucking. Which has resulted in a knackered bed base, the obsessive purchasing of new toys (thank you royalties and a rebate from eon, for giving me cash to splash) and a generally loved up feeling (loved up, horny, same thing).

So the plan is, the week I've got off work after Christmas is going to be devoted to us being The Boss and Fb. I've got all of this lot being delivered.........

I really hope this is as heavy as it looks!!

OMG THIS IS BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!! Bye bye knackered divan!!!

I do like my cuffs to look good don't you?

Just the thought of the potential for suffering with this little fucker is getting me going,

and combining them with these could make for a very long afternoon (I hope).

Basically, to compensate for all the times in the last few months that life has got in the way of us being seriously perverted, once Christmas is over and done with, the Boss is going to lock me in the house for a week, tie me up, hurt mean and use me.......I can not wait, neither can he judging by the grabbing and grinning going on. I've been warned new rules of behaviour are coming my way??
Daft isn't it! I know that the only people who read this blog are accidental visitors but I still feel like apologising for not updating regularly. Work and life have just been hugely busy!!! Book 15 is now out and 16 is writing itself in my head, which is a good thing. 15 took ages to get itself going but with plenty of inspiration and a lots of time over the Christmas period  16 should be out in pretty short order (I'm tempting fate saying that but here's hoping).

I can not be bothered to sort this out, it's the right way up in it's folder wtf!!!
I Love these cuffs, they sit on top of the mantel piece in my lounge so My Boss can grab them whenever he wants them. They're really heavy and tight which means I can't forget I'm wearing them.
I have to confess to getting a little bit of a kick using items on my covers that have actually been used.

I'm working all through Christmas but I really don't mind. My working day always involves great chunks of time spent waiting around and Christmas will be even quieter. I'll basically have hours to kill in a near empty building so armed with an ipod, I'll be able to take James down to the 'clinic'. 

Do you know it doesn't matter how hard I try I can not fix in my mind what James looks like?