Friday, 15 November 2013

Oh happy day my bench has arrived, the Boss says I can open it and set it up when he's home Saturday. I've got a day off today and woke to find a note sitting on my laptop giving instructions to be wearing a butt plug and ben wa when he gets home (failure to comply will mean having to wait till Sunday for my bench). The Boss knows that I've got loads to do today so there will be no sitting still hoping to avoid any stimulation!! The Boss is very good at causing maximum torment for me without having to do too much himself.

Work was quiet this week so got loads of writing done, it love sitting in such a public place writing. Tapping away on my ipod getting hornier and hornier describing lots of heinous, depraved acts of sexual torture, while my colleagues are oblivious.They know I've published, just not what!

The downside is of course spending my evenings all wound up wanting the Boss to tie me up use me like a whore when he's playing at being Mr "I'm in control of your body!".

The criminal ward of the doll hospital is turning out to be a nasty, nasty place. I'm really getting into my stride! Missing limbs, occlusion and now a big fat dose of breath play......

The word 'play' makes it sound like fun,

some how, I doubt my next victim would call what's about to happen to her 'fun'!

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