Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The plan was to have a weekend of debauched sex, followed by a mellow week. What I got instead was a weekend with the boss laid out by flu, a week at work that felt never ending and pulled tendon!! All this has been enough to well and truly knock my mojo out of cilter.

I need a holiday, a week or two to myself just to get ahead of life would work wonders but to be honest I think the best I'll get is a long weekend by skiving off work for a couple of days.

Ok, time to stop moaning!!! I'm going to spoil myself with some new toys, I'd love to treat myself to a nice bench. Rather fallen in love with this one.....

The thought of being strapped down nice and tight while the Boss fucks me hard in the ass, appeals no end. Any excess cash this month really should go towards the houses current plumbing issues but who gives a damn if the pipes knock when you've got this kind of thing in your life!! 

Most likely I'll have to settle for some slightly less expensive but still fun goodies!!


Spread wide and locked in place!!! I could literally be tethered by my cunt. With my Boss hanging on to my key I could be forced to stay where ever he put me. A strategic padlock and the right piece of furniture could lead to a day of very limited movement. 

The fact that we've had to postpone the game is making me a mess. If I don't get at least a spank in the next few days I may need medicating!!

Never mind, I'll take my frustration out on a criminal. If real life is getting in the way of me being a used an abused rubber slut there's always fun to be had with the Brethren!!!

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