Friday, 4 October 2013

One last proof read and edit, then once the covers done book 14 will be ready to roll. We're out with friends tonight but if I knuckle down today and avoid being hung over tomorrow I should be done by Sunday.

My extra "victim" has ended up in an awful situation. Day after day spent slowly suffocating poor girl, I wonder about myself sometimes!

And then it's on to book 15 and sweet helpless Lydia, she's playing on my mind. So much so that when we play a game next weekend I intend ending my day in a similar predicament. I've got a shitty week ahead at work but the thought of spending a weekend tied up in rubber will make it just a little more bearable!

Wrapped and folded, limbs stunted and bound.

All I can think about is my boss using me as his own personal fuck toy.................. 

 One of my bosses rules is that I'm only allowed oral sex when tied tight and gagged. His tongue on my clit is my reward for serving him well. Sucking like a good little cock slut and offering him my pussy and ass to use. Roll on next weekend. 

In the mean time I have to try and concentrate on a shitty work week and hope that I can transfer my porn collection from my old hard drive to the new wireless one before the old one implodes. The file it's currently transffering only has 9 hrs to go and that's only the second of about 10. It's going to be a long week!!!

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