Friday, 11 October 2013

OMG, what a week!! I am absolutely wrung out!! I just managed to get book 14 out on time after a manic couple of days sitting at my lap top, slightly hung over and getting an epic crick in my neck.

That was then followed up by a mad week at work. I made the mistake of volunteering to chair a meeting, which I hate doing and if the nerves created by that weren't enough I took my driving test as well!!

The Boss did his best to get his wicked way Wednesday night but to be quite honest, given my stress levels I probably would have snapped it off!

But, I'm pleased to say I passed my test, aced the meeting and now the Boss is planning to take what he's owed, whether I like it or not, yay!! No better stress reliever than a bit of bondage.

Now that I've fulfilled all my obligations in he real world I can't stop thinking about poor Lydia again, she's waited so patiently I think it's time to let James get his way with her, I also think we need to find out what Agatha has hidden in that dark cell.

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