Monday, 2 September 2013

I've spent the day taking loads of photos of gear so I can redo the older covers, I wanted to get lots done at once so I don't have to keep messing about. Sitting on the floor makes me an instant attraction to the cat however, who just would not get the message to clear off!

I love the tatty old fool to bits but he's not really cover material!!!

I've got a bit of a balancing act to pull off now, I really really want to redo the old covers because they bug the hell out of me BUT I also need to keep new books coming. As always it comes down to never having enough time, I'm no expert with photoshop etc, so getting covers right takes ages and a decent story doesn't happen over night.

What I don't want is to throw a sub standard story out just for the sake of getting something published, if people are kind enough to keep reading the least I can do is make an effort to produce my best (that's not butt kissing, I genuinely do feel flattered that readers are following the books).

Maybe if I had a bit more self discipline I'd manage my time better, or maybe it's just discipline I need full stop?

If spanking was the punishment for not getting stuff done, I'd never lift a finger!

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