Sunday, 29 September 2013

God I hate editing! I love writing the stories but having to do the nit picking is sooo slow and boring. A necessary evil I know but still no fun. I wanted to be doing the final proof read today but as so often happens life got in the way. Much as I'd like to be able to devote all my spare time to writing some ones got to do the day to day stuff like clean out the fish tank etc (I can tell you're jealous of my rock and roll lifestyle). I'd love to know how people live the lifestyle 24/7.

I should devote this evening to more editing but I want to spend the time by a bonfire with my boss, I'm feeling a bit loved up at the moment and don't want to waste an opportunity to spend some time with him. Cherry brandy by a roaring fire, nice!

I want to go straight into writing story 15, usually I take some time out for my 'proper' novel but I know exactly what I want to do with Lydia and the idea is playing on my mind. She's laying waiting to be written about, the thought of her stretched out and waiting is making me fidgety, if you know what I mean.

I've set aside the weekend after next for lots of bound debauchery, I've got a long weekend off from work and I'm going to spend it being used and abused!

I've decided to say a thank you for reviews at the end of 14, it seems rude not to people have been so kind.

I need to add one more scene into story 14, I'm torn

Should my new addition be a tightly laced victim helpless and scared
a brain washed latex diaper slut begging for abuse

Decisions, decisions

The idea of either turns me on

There's something going on with my external hard, it's not behaving. I've got a new one on order and just have to hope nothing catastrophic happens before I can get everything transferred, losing my porn collection would be heartbreaking!

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